Alandise Harris, Helping You Find Your Canine Best Friend

Image internally provided
Image internally provided

The relationship between canine and human has always been considered as one of the strongest bonds. Dogs are incredibly loyal pets, and they bring happiness wherever they go. Showing them off and making them participate in physical activities is something that they love and enjoy. 

Some people prefer smaller dogs that they can carry around, but several prefer larger ones they can run around and play with. 

Professional basketball star Alandise Harris is the owner of Burrnationk9s, a business involving a breeding and training program. It takes pride in bringing dog enthusiasts the biggest, best-structured, and muscled up XL American Bully and American Pitbull Terriers one could ever see. The dogs conform to the UKC/ABKC standard in health, temperament, and structure; preserving and improving them as real working dogs.

Alandise and his team treat the dogs as their kids, and won’t allow them to be traded for anything in the world. They provide the most healthy puppies for the customers, complete with the best healthcare.

The business is arguably one of the top five American Breeding programs in the whole world. It ranked high amongst others considering consistent productions, revenue, health care, and willingness to put money back into the program to have it where it is today.

The team is very passionate about what they do at Burrnationk9s. Alandise works hard to make sure the program exceeds expectations. He saves no expense when it comes to healthcare or the genetic research of the dogs. The team makes sure that the right dogs are appropriately mated for the program and for interested families as well. 

The company recommends availing of the training service to most customers to make sure that they’re able to handle and train an XL American Bully. The training starts with basic obedience until protection training. 

As a professional athlete, Alan Alandise knows how to get the job done. He applies his talent for management in running the business. He hired a capable team that has the drive and determination to be the best at the company.

A customer gets to pick and purchase a puppy during their week 6 of age. Selections are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The company also offers to ship off the puppies internationally. The puppies are shipped in airline-approved plastic crates with metal bolts and nuts with attached food and water dishes. The airlines that fly them are temperature-controlled throughout the flight. The puppies can also be shipped by land with the most trustworthy shippers in the US.

Alandise Harris, with his drive and competitive spirit, has a significant effect on the breeding and training program business. He is a visionary and is not afraid to come up with plans for the company in the next years to come.

Dog lovers, kennel owners, dog breeders, and dog-loving families that are looking for the perfect companion can visit this website for more details about the dogs, including the breeding process. You can also view some pictures and videos of the Burrnationk9s on Instagram and YouTube.