July 17, 2024
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Arts-Based Health & Wellness Initiative Celebrates “World Mental Health Day” … Everyday!

Renowned artist-educator, Aaron Ableman, is releasing a new music and media series, as part of an “edutainment” initiative celebrating mental health for parents and children. The arts-based initiative, entitled Welcome To Earth, includes an acclaimed book, NFT collection, and music album featuring influential artists. 

One of the new songs, entitled FunKey Family Song, is available by searching Aaron Ableman’s channels on all streaming platforms on October 21, 2021 – directly following the “World Mental Health Day” celebrations. 

With this latest announcement, Aaron continues a 20-year career of delivering award-winning impact-entertainment to hundreds of thousands of families around the world. Ableman is focusing this release series – and the entire initiative – on how art and creative activities can be critical aids for family wellness or mental health. Such success starts with the daily rituals practiced and habituated at home; from music or pop culture choices to non-violent communication practices to social-emotional learning techniques. What’s more, Ableman’s songs, books and media offer such practical advice or techniques actually embedded in the content itself. The inspiration from this work is rooted in the fundamental belief that when children and parents are given the chance to bond creatively or positively, they build healthier relationships with self, family, and the world at large. The music and media offer messages on how families can prioritize kindness, joy, and love as guiding values, despite the acute challenges of our world today. 

“As a lifelong mental health advocate and meditator myself, inspiring kids and parents to prioritize mental health, creativity and purpose in life has been the real ROI for me. To use the crafts of storytelling, music, and filmmaking makes this message even stronger,” Ableman said.

According to a Sustainable Brands and Harris Poll study, 76% of consumers now believe that making a difference in the lives of others is necessary for living a good life. Creatives are at the forefront of driving that message home, especially by inviting public and private industry leaders to invest in platforms or channels that grow the “LOHAS” (Lifestyles of Health & Sustainability) marketplace and “purpose-driven economy”. 

Ableman adds, “Storytelling, music and impact-entertainment are means to help champion a kinder and more just global society. In the same way that seeing diverse heroes on the screen helps diverse audiences witness themselves, having practical and empowering messages, songs or stories embedded in family entertainment programming will ultimately raise a more empowered next generation. Let’s support the millions of families ready to dance into this new world: one parent and child at a time!”

Media inquiries can be made to: Justin Markell

Email: info@aaronableman.com

Phone: 310.968.4241

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