May 19, 2024
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Birdm0n says the NFT Art Scene is Exploding – His Vision for the Future

Digital artists can agree with the reality that NFT art is taking over the world. It is a new technology framework that is rapidly changing the way artists get paid, while at the same time revolutionizing how they work, create new projects, and take ownership of their art. NFTs enable creatives to register their work on a blockchain which eventually gives them a unique digital assert. Birdm0n says that one of the best aspects of NFTs is that they have the power to democratize and decentralize wealth, and offer access to new revenue streams. Because of the ability to register digital files and art, artists are finally finding themselves in control of their own success. But, what does the future hold for NFT artists who are gradually venturing into this realm?

Birdm0n is the founder of Thugbirdz, an establishment that makes iconic pixelated bird NFTs. It has been less than a year since he started this business, and Birdm0n is already making headways with the objective of increasing the value of his NFTs. He is interacting with other prominent and successful digital artists, celebrities and professionals in the tech industry; people who are imparting him with new knowledge and skills that will inevitably make him a better entrepreneur and person. Thugbirdz is gradually becoming a renowned entity largely because of the strategic moves that have been recognized by celebrities like Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa, Metro Boomin, Waka Flocka, and Sonny Digital, who are all holders of Thugbirdz. But, this does not stop Birdm0n from thinking about the future.

One of the things that Birdm0n has noticed about NFT marketplaces is that it has leveled the playing field for a majority of content creators. He says that NFTs are a great way of bringing together cultures, and many other diverse groups of people in our society who, for a long time, have either been disenfranchised or left out in some way. With time, this will be the status quo in many other parts of the world. NFT art will enable everyone who has a story to tell or an idea to share to do so with a sense of ease. 

Birdm0n is already working hard towards ensuring this forecast is actualized. He created ThugDAO, a community made up of digital artists like himself and many other NFT connoisseurs, who currently operate under the Thugbirdz ecosystem umbrella. It is through this community that those who are unfamiliar with NFTs or those who need funding get the necessary support they desire, and a voice to freely express themselves. ThugDAO has leveled the playing field for its members to explore the potential of their talents. Birdm0n knows too well that NFT art will power a diverse metaverse, and this is why he is planning to scale his team. ThugDAO will be the source for these talented individuals. 

Birdm0n says the NFT art scene will explode further due to the power of NFT communities. It is all about bringing in people who can positively impact NFT art with new concepts, ideologies and phenomena, giving them realistic opportunities to show what they have to offer.

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