Crypto Gang NFT Community Set to Hit the Blockchain This January


January will be a month full of exciting possibilities, rewards, and surprises as emerging non-fungible token (NFT) community Crypto Gang is making its way to the metaverse. With 10,000 tokens open for minting, future holders have so much to look forward to as the team behind the community commits to giving each member a meaningful experience. From its future plans to its charitable work, the community is poised to add value to its future holders, digital collectors, and investors. 

A month after the NFT community is launched, it will introduce a comic book series. A free digital comic book will be given to all holders as a way of expressing its appreciation to everyone who chose to be a part of the community. Holders can eventually choose to sell or HODL (hold on for dear life) each comic book as they are released. The community will introduce a total of 12 editions. Five thousand copies will also be minted, the price of which will be announced later.

Every sale of a Crypto Gang token comes with an 8% tax as royalty. This, however, still goes back to the members of the community. Half of it is redistributed among all of the community members, while 3% from that amount will be evenly deposited to everyone. The remaining 1% will be awarded to five lucky holders. This setup allows all the members to earn residual income on a monthly basis. 

The collection will also establish a non-profit that will contribute to fixing existing problems in the world today, starting with the victims of tragedies in Haiti. The people in Haiti constantly fall victim to earthquakes, hurricanes, and even political turmoil. The NFT community would like to extend help by starting where the problem really begins. 

Crypto Gang will use the proceeds from its sales and royalties to build five duplex structures. This will be established in Labadee, Haiti. Each duplex will be carefully designed to be hurricane-proof and will have four bedrooms, two of which will be assigned to one family. The community will also provide these families with sufficient money and food for three months to give adult recipients an opportunity to find a good job that will sustain their food, clothing, and transportations costs in the succeeding months. 

Apart from these exciting events within the community, loyal members can also look forward to becoming partners one day. Members can become business partners of the community’s umbrella company if they own an NFT and have collected all 12 comic books. Simply put, members who are promoted to business partners will now receive shares in the NFT collection, clothing line, jewelry line, movies, and other future ventures that the company will pursue in the future. To express their gratitude to their loyal members, the founders of the community will generously give away 5% of shares of their entire company, which will be equally divided among all those who qualify to be partners. 

Crypto Gang is run by some of the most brilliant minds in the crypto and NFT spaces today and at the helm of the team is its founder and Chief Executive, Juan Garcia. He is joined by Trevor Demiraj as partner and Head of Operation, Cory Blank as partner and Head of Promotions, Renars Levics as the Chief Artist, Toby O as Product Manager and Senior Fullstack Engineer, Eduardo Rio as Digital Marketing Manager, Ludmila Gulevistkaya as Social Media Manager, and Guy Shanine as Senior Engineer. Together, they intend to bring Crypto Gang further and make it one of the most successful and highly sought-after communities in the metaverse today. 

This coming December 28, there will be a video launch on the birth of Crypto Gang minted at 2 SOL exclusively with 250 pieces available to mint. Presale will be on January 10, 2022 starting with 3,000 pieces at 1.5 sol. While 7,000 pieces are available for minting two days after on January 12, 2022.

Learn more about Crypto Gang by visiting its website. Follow the community’s Twitter account for the latest announcements. Check out its Instagram account to see its collection-worthy characters. 

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