Damon Fletcher Boosts People’s Spirits Through Music


The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed taken its toll on most people. Some have become depressed because of the fact that society no longer operates the way it did before. On a mission to uplift people’s spirit amid the current situation, Damon Fletcher uses music to spread positivity and encourage listeners to look forward to better days.

Damon Fletcher is one of the most promising upcoming artists in the music industry. With an apparent passion for music, he explored the path during the pandemic in hopes of lifting people through positive and inspiring music during today’s trying times. His hit single called Hustle with a Purpose gets music lovers energized and unconsciously moving their bodies to the rhythm. Damon has a way of engaging people through his songs that they can’t help but dance to his beats.

Damon Fletcher has amazed many top-tier personalities in the music scene, even as a relatively new artist. Despite being an independent artist, he has proven that his talent and skills are worthy of recognition. As the American singer and songwriter Ne-Yo said, Hustle with a Purpose is “dope,” not only for its amazing composition but also for its music video. Additionally, his works have been recognized by Lance Bass, Damon Dash, Lecrae, and more.

Besides, Damon Fletcher sets the bar higher for other artists to use their talent as a tool for philanthropic purposes. Hustle with a Purpose has garnered over 400,000 views on YouTube and is continually reaching more viewers every day. The song aims to give $2,020 to a graduate from the class of 2020 who can make the best #hustlewithapurpose dance cover. 

Damon Fletcher is also an avid traveler. For him, music is a perfect companion when one is traveling. Before the pandemic, he loved exploring places and hidden corners of the world. “Being stuck at home has had me dreaming of the day we can travel again,” said Damon. He takes inspiration from two prominent artists in the music landscape—Usher and Timberland. Without formal training in music production, Damon spends time learning through MasterClass, an online education platform offering tutorials and lectures on a wide range of subjects.

In wanting to give people the chance to have a great time as they would during traveling, the artist decided to channel his energy into creating music. He is currently holding a giveaway for a trip for his listeners, who can choose wherever they want to go. “I want everyone to have something to look forward to and dream,” Damon said.

While the pandemic has affected Damon Fletcher and decreased his opportunity to travel, the unfortunate times have motivated him to use his time at home to do good for others. Instead of being idle, Damon used the global timeout to improve himself and his skills in music. Along the way, his self-produced songs have brought forth a brand showing a bright future. Without a doubt, Damon will continue to inspire people and grow his brand in the industry.

Asked what he wants fans and listeners to know, Damon Fletcher said, “You can do anything you want in life and accomplish your dreams. It just takes being surrounded by like-minded people.” Indeed, Damon is hustling with a purpose as he uses music to amplify positivity and spread the message that better days are coming.

Learn more about Damon Fletcher on his website. Listen to his music on Spotify.

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