July 14, 2024
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DeezNuts: The Latest Hilarious Viral Meme Coin Catching Fire with A-List Celebs

For anyone who missed the Bitcoin, Doge, or Ethereum investment train and is looking to invest in a potential high reward cryptocurrency market with a  cheaper cryptocurrency, they should invest in DeezNuts.

The coin went public today, and with celebrities endorsing it, it has gained notoriety on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. With millions of DeezNuts coins to be mined, the coin has a high potential reward for long-term investments, and celebrities can attest to that, since they’ve already invested millions of dollars into the coin.

DeezNuts’ launching price was $0.000008 per unit and because of all the endorsements, it is now up 15x right out the gate. The coin is listed on Pancake Swap, a highly accessible and user-friendly platform that allows people to virtually trade cryptocurrencies with very little hassle. DeezNuts has also paired with Binance, a global cryptocurrency exchange market. DeezNuts’ token address is 0x01921a94e68f8d54f33c5d6f71d6664c35e33269. 

In addition to DeezNuts providing a more accessible entry point into the cryptocurrency market for people willing to invest, the developers behind DeezNuts also wish to positively impact the health sector. To give back to the community and medical research, the developers have pledged a portion of their earnings from the trades toward testicular and prostate cancer research. The proposed pledged goal is to raise $2 million this year toward medical research from mining the viral meme coin and its trade.

With celebrity endorsements from celebrities, it’s clear that DeezNuts marks it a cryptocurrency with an upward trajectory and many more A-list artists and celebrities are lined up to promote the coin as they, too, invest in it, while also driving awareness for its social cause.

Celebs want DeezNuts, and everyone else should too! Follow along and keep up to date with the coin through their official channels.

To find out how to buy and where to input that address, go to their official website, where the steps are thoroughly explained. Stay up to date by following DeezNuts on Twitter and Instagram.

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