June 13, 2024
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Do You Need to Use Promo Codes at All These New Sweepstake Casinos?

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The world of online casinos and online gaming platforms has experienced a strong rise in popularity over the last period of time.

With the global pandemic of COVID-19, many players could no longer resort to their usual brick-and-mortar casinos, resulting in a surge in online gaming. The advancement in technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence has given players a more immersive experience than ever before, making online gaming platforms all the more enticing and alluring.

The aim of this article is to learn more about one online gaming avenue, namely sweepstake casinos and to delve into the different kinds of promos available on sweepstake casinos.

What is a Sweepstake Casino?

A sweepstake casino is also known as a social casino. It is an online gaming platform that players can access from the comfort of their homes. Entertainment lies at the core of sweepstake casinos and is known to use free virtual coins to play, which are known as Gold Coins. You don’t necessarily need to use real money to access the world of fun that awaits you at sweepstake casinos. However, you can also purchase Sweep Coins, which are worth about $1 each of real money, once you have signed up and received your promo code.

Do all Sweepstake Casinos have Promo Codes?

All sweepstake casinos could potentially have promo codes.

The initial idea behind sweepstake casinos is to offer free online fun for players. This means that almost all sweepstake casinos offer free promo codes upon signing up, as players are not meant to have to purchase anything.

However, each sweepstake casino is allowed to offer their own types of promo codes, as described by Sweepstake Casino Man.

The aim of sweepstake casinos is to have free fun. This is why sweepstake casinos offer an abundance of welcome deals, in the form of promo codes, to get players started. This is often in the form of either simply signing in or receiving an actual promo code in the form of numbers or letters that allow you to access your free coins or free spins on the platform.

There are plenty of different promo codes available. Continue reading to find out more.

What Different Kinds of Promo Codes are Out There?

There are quite a few kinds of promo codes out there. Outlined below are 5 different types of promo codes.

Welcome offers: This is where players receive free credit, simply from signing up with a sweepstake casino. Examples of this are 600% free coins, up to 80.00 free coins or free spins.

Daily login bonuses: These are bonuses that players receive just because they log in to their account.

Giveaways through social media: Some sweepstake casinos use the power of social media to engage with more players and attract new players. They often announce a certain task, e.g., ‘Repost this post on your story to win X amount of free coins’. Once a player has completed this action, their account is replenished with the X amount of free coins promised to them by the sweepstake casino.

Challenges: This is where sweepstake casinos reward their players for achieving something great on their platform and giving them free coins or free spins as a gift.

Races: Players who are able to successfully complete a race set by the sweepstake casino win free coins or a free spin prize. The race can be ‘Whoever completes as many games on the slot machine within the next hour wins’. Then whoever wins this race also wins the free credits.

Final Thoughts

It is clear to see that sweepstake casinos have spent a lot of thought and time around how to attract and retain players to their platforms. The fact that you can play and use sweepstake casinos without necessarily needing to purchase any coins with real money, is a safer and less expensive gambling experience to the usually gambling world.

With the rise in VR, AR and AI it is clear to see that online gaming does not seem to be slowing down.

The rise in safety and security technologies, like blockchain and sportsbook software, has also given players a more anonymous and safe experience on online casinos, which has allowed players to use online gaming platforms in a more secure way.

However, it must be said that great care and tact should be used with all kinds of online or brick-and-mortar gambling options and that it is the job of each player to use their chosen platform responsibly.

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