Entrepreneur and Servant Leader Darnnelle Gibbs Inspires to Make a Difference


If there is anyone more worthy to be called icons of inspiration, it is today’s servant leaders whose power of impacting lives and making a difference is immeasurable.

These people are cognizant of the resources and ability they possess, using them to both lead and be in service to the community. Entrepreneur, mentor, and humanitarian Darnnelle Gibbs embodies servant leadership in all of his personal efforts and business ventures, and he is the perfect role model to draw motivation from.

Dedicated to helping other people improve themselves and reach their goals in life, Army veteran Darnnelle Gibbs is currently serving in the US Air Force. He uses his personal time to mentor children in urban communities through Essex County Cops 4 Kids. Essex County Cops 4 Kids provides exciting activities and one-on-one mentorship for youth looking to discover their future. They also offer leadership training, community service opportunities, and programs designed for confidence building, social network development, and college and career readiness. At the end of it all, Darnnelle hopes to see kids and teenagers achieve every dream they set out to accomplish.

His passion for health has also led Darnnelle to start Pure Natural Vibes. This wellness company offers premium CBD products that are lab-tested and THC-free to people who want to take control of their health. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a popular natural remedy for many common health issues and ailments, and the use of CBD oil has gained momentum in the health and wellness sector.

The business is rooted in integrity, and so Darnnelle only works with the best suppliers in the market to give customers pure and effective products. And as an owner of a family-operated business, Darnnelle knows how important it is to find support for one’s entrepreneurial journey. This acknowledgment is why he also uses his company as a means to elevate other small businesses. By showcasing the products of these small enterprises on his social media platforms, he is facilitating wider audience reach and improved brand recognition.

For Darnnelle and the rest of the passionate staff behind Pure Natural Vibes, success is measured by the difference one is making. So they donate 10% of the business’s earnings to non-profit organizations that support today’s youth. 

Aside from his contributions to investing in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders, Darnnelle makes sure, as well, that the lives of today’s people are taken care of and protected by demonstrating his humanitarian leadership during the outbreak of the COVID-19. With frontliners reporting a lack of personal protective equipment and suffering from the hoarding behavior of people panicking about the pandemic, Darnnelle, through Pure Natural Vibes, donated hand sanitizers to essential workers. Every effort Darnnelle has exerted in bringing about change and making a difference will cement his name in the industries he is involved in. Learn more about Darnnelle’s brand of servant leadership by visiting his Instagram page. And if you are ready to take control of your health and feel a natural improvement in your wellbeing, explore the options on the Pure Natural Vibes Instagram page.

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