How Fresh Pawz Bridges the Gap Between the Lifestyle of Consumers and their Pets


Dogs have become part of most people’s daily lives. In a city’s public space, for instance, one could see several people running with their dogs, playing fetch, or just chilling while lying down on the green grass with them. In fact, numerous movies have been made to showcase the impact of dogs in the lives of many and to touch those who have not realized it yet. That even in times of despair, people can rely on dogs to save the former from themselves. This is why Fresh Pawz geared itself towards becoming a brand that is more than a pet accessory.

Recognizing the significance of dogs in people’s lives, Fresh Pawz has partnered with a lot of brands to fulfill their mission of providing exclusive designs, innovative products, and, most importantly, unrivaled quality. Some partnerships include MLB, NBA, Nickelodeon, Sanrio, Smiley, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Death Row Records, Care Bears, and many more. Fresh Pawz’s products are even sold in major retailing outlets such as Target, Petco, Zumiez, Hot Topic, and others. This is to give consumers an impression of high quality; that what they are doing is a serious business. This is also to keep up with people’s demands.

Statistically, the biggest pet buyers in the world are millennials, and they are the market Fresh Pawz is trying to infiltrate. Nowadays, this generation has become more meticulous than the previous one, indicating a more sophisticated taste. From the style of their hats down to what brand their shoes are, millennials portray a certain daintiness that extends to their dogs. Oftentimes, they buy accessories for their dogs like sunglasses, dresses, and even footwear. This is what Fresh Pawz aims to cater to.

There has been a transformation in people’s spending habits in this day and age. For example, when a person plans to buy a pair of shoes, he has to take a few things into consideration – Factors like the shoes’ brand and how popular it is among his peers. In sum, millennials are big on whether what they purchase sets the trend or not. Because people have now treated their dogs as an extension of their lives, the latter also benefits from the former. With the number of pet accessories being sold every day, it goes to show how the people have included in their spending habits the purchase of things for their dogs. In fact, it is anticipated that the market will reach USD 22 billion by the end of 2023, with an annual growth rate of 7%. Because of this rising demand, Fresh Pawz’s objective is to make the people’s purchase worthwhile.

The pet industry has primarily been a product that has no specific brand. More often than not, people buy pet accessories because they need them, regardless of what brand it is. For example, a generic black collar would have sufficed, as long as it is a collar. However, Fresh Pawz would like to change that view. They want to design signature products that create an overall good impression to both the consumers and their pets and keep up with the times. They want to bridge the gap between the consumers’ and their pets’ lifestyles. By doing this, they want to create a better community that treats pets like they are a part of the family.

To know more about Fresh Pawz, visit their website.

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