July 18, 2024
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How to Deal with Breadcrumbing in Online Adult Dating Websites

Modern dating has implemented new terms, such as “catfishing” “ghosting” and “breadcrumbing”, that are considered mean and hurtful. Along the way of your online adult dating, facing one of those problems does not consider rare, therefore, you need to know the right way to avoid them and enjoy a safe experience. Whilst being catfished or ghosted ends with the scammer existing in your life, breadcrumbing does not necessarily end up the same, where that person can drain your emotion as long as you let them. In this article, we present you with tips about how to deal with breadcrumbing in online adult dating websites in order to maintain your self-respect and mental health. Find here the list of best hookup sites. 

Confront yourself 

The first step of solving any problem is to recognize it, so do not stay in doubt, wondering whether or not you are being breadcrumbed. The signs are clear; they send flirty messages and the next day give you the cold shoulder, talk about how much they would love to spend the night with you but never do, and pretend to take part in your interests but never with serious conversation. In conclusion, when you feel that you are encountering breadcrumbing do not ignore it, because your insecurity could be right, be firm to prevent yourself from bluffing. Stay confident of yourself, and keep looking for the causal relationship that got you to the website in the first place. 

If you’re interested in exploring immediate connections, make sure to read reviews and feedback about the top one-night stand sites for instant hookups, which offer valuable insights and recommendations for those looking for immediate connections while ensuring authenticity and mutual consent. Stay true to yourself and remain committed to finding the genuine causal relationship that led you to explore such platforms in the first place.

Talk to them about it

Do not be shy about breadcrumbing, speak up and send a clear message about how are feeling and how this relationship makes you stressed and uncomfortable. Whether they are intentionally breadcrumbing you or not, it is a great way to show them that you realize what is happing and will not accept it. You will be able to put an end to their cruel behaviors and call them out. After all, hooking up online should not be that complicated, either they want to spend the night or not.

Mark their exit 

Another easy road to deal with someone taking advantage of you is to kick them out of your life, because you do not need any toxicity. Stop communicating with them and replying to their text, as the block feature is the optimal solution, just do not forget to delete their contact information too. If you cannot cut them out of your life, try to ignore them, as breadcrumbers seek attention, so when you do not meet their needs, they will get bored and leave you alone.  

Start meeting other people 

Turn the page of your hookup book to start with a clean one by getting back to the swiping joy to find better matches, this can help you see how you should be treated well with care and consideration. It is basically your right as the other person is not showing a sign of interest, and might even be seeing other people as well, so do not feel guilty about it. 

Keep your self-esteem 

The person who is breadcrumbing you manipulates your feelings, making you feel good but not good enough for them, creating a fake sensation of inferiority, where the truth is that you are way better than settling for them. Do not lose your self-trust because of them, as you deserve a casual relationship with someone who respects you and makes you happy. 

Stay eventful 

The hard part of being breadcrumbed is that they make you think about them, where they keep your mind busy with the possibility of them texting, or questioning if they are interested in having a casual relationship with you. Therefore, fill your time by focusing on other aspects of your life, like work, hobbies, and exciting activities, so that you do not lay in a bubble revolving around them, leading to self-damage.   

Play along 

Now, if you truly realize that you are being breadcrumbed and at the same time you are not interested in that person anymore, then just go with it. Fight back and use the same weapons, send flirtatious messages but do not show for personal dates, do not make yourself available right away when they text you. Nevertheless, joining the game needs a strong determination and caution, hence, if you are not up against playing with fire, it will be smarter to ignore the game. 


Feeling breadcrumbed is an awful, especially if you have built a crush on this person and started looking for the physical action to begin. Unfortunately, this type of person will not give up their personality easily, as they only care about themselves, they will keep hurting you as long as you stay near them. Try not to have high hopes for them to change because of you, and end the cycle of this crumb trap as soon as possible by choosing not to pick them up, and follow your own sake. 

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