June 24, 2024
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Hungry Hippos NFT Building a Community of Like-minded People Geared towards Development and Progress

NFTs have indeed been dominant in their takeover of the digital world, but more than that is how they foster community-building. Hungry Hippos NFT is the new project stepping onto the scene to bring like-minded people together so they can push one another towards success and financial freedom while enjoying all the perks of the NFT world, especially Hungry Hippos NFT.

Founded by Ross, an engineer who is well-grounded in drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, Social Media marketing and marketing consulting and strategy, Hungry Hippos NFT is his way of getting driven and motivated people to do new things that can make them stand out from the crowd. Hungry Hippos NFT is a collection of 7,777 tokens with unique characteristics and traits. The art was created and designed by Nell, a professional artist, animator and graphic designer from Chicago, IL. He’s the project’s artistic director who hopes his work inspires the next generation of artists and designers.

Hungry Hippos NFT is a project that combines urban art with the metaverse. The collection draws inspiration from pop culture and new-age art to create unique and custom characteristics for the Hippos. It is more than just another NFT project as it invites all hungry and motivated individuals to come together to establish a community through networking and strategic business relationships. Every member of this growing community gets access to a rewarding networking system designed to educate, teach and help elevate the holders in some high-value sectors and create financial freedom through Real Estate, Investing, networking and various opportunities.

To bring its goals to reality, Hungry Hippos NFT has plans to organize masterminds and educative events through which holders can get educated and connect with successful people all over the world. These events will hold through live calls and physically. They will also feature guest speakers from various backgrounds to discuss and shed light on various topics.

As the community continues to grow, the team behind the Hungry Hippos has created the HIPPOOL, a special fund created for saving the Hippos, which will receive 20% of the NFT’s total sales. There are also the Philanthropy Hippos, a collection of 1-of-1 rare and custom Hippo designed to give back to the Earth and its people. The Philanthropy Hippos will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, with the funds going directly to earmarked causes.

Holders of the Hungry Hippos NFT have also been promised some giveaways, most notable of which is the luxury timepiece giveaway. Once the presale is complete, a luxury timepiece worth $5,000 will be given out. In addition, once the entire collection sells out, a lucky holder will win a luxury electric vehicle. Other items to be given away include Apple products, sporting event tickets, music festival tickets and many other exciting prizes. All giveaways will be determined by the community through the project’s DAO. A community of holders and prospective holders is already building up on Discord as preparations swing into top gear for the collection’s launch on OpenSea.

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