Megan Troglio: Finding Solace in Art

Image internally provided
Image internally provided

Different social media platforms have been home to millions, where the growth of artists are encouraged. It’s no wonder that during this age of technology, posting content online with just a click has never been easier. 

Megan Troglio, or Trogs, is an internet artist who has the skills, drive, and passion that  manifests into projects for her career. Art has always been a freedom of expression, and Megan expresses her thoughts and feelings through different mediums.  Her services include drawing, painting, modeling, content creating, hosting, acting, performing, and mural commissions. 

She was born on June 28, 1999, to Christine Troglio & Joe Troglio. She has a brother by the name of Jonathan. 

She also sells merchandise in the form of painted canvas, immersive exhibits, custom artwork, coloring books, stickers, and their Music-Princess Complex EP releasing at the end of summer. 

Megan grew up in Peoria, Illinois. The young artist found herself in the comfort of mundane, at home, the company of school, and the wings of theaters in the community. She has been acting for fourteen years, starting from camps and working her way up to shows with bigger audiences. Recently Trogs has picked up the bass guitar to accompany their own cabaret sets. The strike of passion keeps coming and going in moments throughout Megan’s life. 

Currently, she is taking up a BA program in Social Media and Digital Strategy at Columbia College in Chicago. The program offers a study of consumer behavior, data analytics, content strategy, and content creation to engage digital and enhance brand awareness. 

Megan’s ability to create vibrant art from the ordinary has developed into something more professional as she enters the world as an internet.artist. Despite this, she still strives to improve every day and remain kind, patient, and optimistic in honing her talents more.

Megan’s brand as an artist is known to be immersive, interactive, and growing. Her color palette and aesthetic relies on both the RGB and CMYK color models, as seen on her sample artworks. Her prints and paintings continue to showcase the spirited energy that relates to her life and emotion. Her immersive exhibits, such as “Where I Would Stay” and mural commissions, are places for viewers to see Trogs World in real-time. Megan creates content to enjoy and prosper as an individual. Those who also recognize part of themselves in the artworks are welcome. 

Megan has such a fantastic determination and work ethic, seen continuously throughout the work. She is a powerhouse of personality and creativity. An artist’s primary task is to create the art of their choice. Moreover, Megan’s work strings together to create a colored world of authenticity and interaction. In today’s volatile world, Megan @trogs Troglio stands to become a beacon of light for the community. 

The young artist releases her LIVE recorded internet Talk Show, now in it’s fourth season, on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Megan creates work for herself first, but interaction from an audience with the work is a welcome part of the connection as well. Check all of the services and merchandise that Megan offers by dropping by her website. For the links of all her portfolio, interviews, podcast can be found here. You can also follow her art on Instagram.