March 4, 2024
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New Phase Blends Elevates the CBD Industry with Its High-Quality Products

New Phase Blends is currently one of the most reliable CBD companies in the market, with a US Patent application for products and methods for using cannabidiol in combination with melatonin to induce sleep. One of its primary objectives is to be able to help consumers who have issues with getting the right amount of sleep, and so far, its founder and CEO Dale Hewett has been successful in this area. 

“We have pending patents through the United States patent and trademark office for the use of CBD and melatonin as a sleep aid,” the New Phase Blends founder explained. “When everyone else is selling plain CBD oil, which is okay, we take it to the next level by blending CBD with other natural, well-studied supplements. The result is a far more effective product than standalone CBD.

New Phase Blends features a variety of broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil, drops, pills, topical CBD balms, and creams, among others. Its products are composed of premium, organic CBD oil and other healthy compounds that aid in providing users relief from pain. These products do not contain THC, which means they are completely non-psychoactive. 

As the founder of New Phase Blends, Hewett has taken on the responsibility of getting the right information about CBD out there. By educating consumers, they hope to put to rest many misplaced perceptions about CBD products available in the market today. By being truthful to their clients, Hewett hopes to be able to help them weigh their options when it comes to using CBD to address specific physiological needs. At a time and age when there is an abundance of false claims going around in the market today, Hewett wants to take the higher road and remain truthful about the real benefits of his products. Giving people false hopes is a no-no in his business. 

“Spreading accurate information about CBD is actually our primary goal, not making sales,” Hewett shared. “Sales are a derivative of good quality educational pieces that help people realize actual benefits of CBD. There are a ton of CBD companies that will tell people anything in order to get a sale. I’ve seen numerous sites tell people that CBD will cure cancer. I’ve seen websites tell people that CBD used in soap will cure psoriasis or eczema.”

Hewett’s motivation to develop New Phase Blends was motivated by a personal experience while he was on active duty in the United States Army. He suffered a spinal cord injury that resulted in an excruciating journey to recovery. To help him ease his overwhelming pain while recovering, he turned to CBD products that were very helpful in addressing his nerve pain. He knew back then that he needed to bring the same opportunity to others who were suffering as he did in the past. 

As the demand and acceptance for CBD products continue to grow over the years, Hewett is looking forward to expanding his business further to own 1% of the online CBD market cap in the coming years. By continually producing reliable and high-quality CBD products, he hopes to be able to provide appropriate help to those who need their benefits the most. 

Learn more about New Phase Blends by visiting its website. Check out its Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest products and offerings.

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