May 30, 2024
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NFTMagazine.com Ushers in a New and Exciting NFT Project Called Paper Boyz, Founded by Podcasting Legend Josh King Madrid

The world of NFTs has gotten a whole lot bigger. Over the years, these wildly popular digital assets have managed to wrangle the mainstream markets on a chokehold. A plethora of NFT enthusiasts has been born out of the meteoric rise of this technology as massive value is poured into the industry with enormous returns. One team of reputable NFT experts is utilizing their tenure and expertise within the metaverse to bring about an exciting NFT collection that brings nostalgia to the forefront. The project is none other than Paper Boyz NFT by NFTMagazine.com. 

Paper Boyz is a collection of 3,650 unique non-fungible tokens housed within the Ethereum blockchain. The emerging project promises to provide a massive valuation to its prospective holders, with its creators being renowned figures within the world of NFTs. Josh King Madrid, more popularly known as JetSetFly, helms the project as he navigates enthusiasts to a brand new NFT project reminiscent of the success of his former project, Junior Punks. 

JetSetFly is joined by a talented group of individuals who will stop at nothing to bring Paper Boyz to the top of the NFT market. On the forefront with him are his brother and co-founder of NFTMagazine.com, TheBlondeJon, and internationally acclaimed animation artist Edgar Vehbiu, who is creating the digital art pieces that the Paper Boyz NFT will be known for. Vehbiu has worked on high-profile mobile games such as Angry Birds and FIFA Mobile. 

Each Paper Boyz token brings along a sense of nostalgia through its distinct animated art style. Founders of GOAT Society and Principles LLC also serve as advisors to the project, helping the team materialize their vision and goals.

Paper Boyz NFT is a community-oriented project that aims to foster a collaborative group of like-minded individuals. As JetSetFly put it, “Paper Boyz is an NFT collection and alpha community for OG hustlers, solopreneurs, and business executives who constantly feel behind; those that want to extract NFT alpha from the noise; for builders looking to understand and out-innovate the competition; and for degens looking to invest in NFTs.”

For discerning holders, Paper Boyz comes with a wide variety of utility and valuation in the form of real-life benefits and exclusive perks. Prospective holders will gain exclusive access to NFTMag Con 2022, the world’s largest invite-only NFT conference, to be held in Miami this October. 

The event is poised to be one of the biggest conferences yet, with over 4,000 attendees from all across the globe. Attendees include industry experts such as NFT founders, high-level entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, sales trainers, and top motivational speakers. NFTMag Con 2022 tickets can be resold for a whopping cost of $2,450.

Holders will also get to claim their free Extra-Extra! by NFTMagazine.com. These digital magazine art drops will be sold in the future, each with a valuation of 3 to 4 ETH per year. Another perk of owning a Paper Boyz NFT comes in the form of a discount on subsequent NFT drops by NFTMagazine.com as well as merchandise, ETH, gadgets, and blue-chip NFT giveaways.

Countless NFT enthusiasts have already been eagerly waiting for the exciting Paper Boyz NFT project. More than 10,000 pre-mint addresses have already been logged within only three days of dropping the link without any promotions. Paper Boyz is set to launch soon, with a mint date scheduled on July 1.

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