Noel Mirabal, the Military Veteran Turned Acting Powerhouse


Even now, still so many barriers hinder aspirants from finding success in their chosen fields. As they currently stand, today’s industries favor the privileged as well as those with the resources and networks to propel them forward. But, proving a testament to the heights anyone can reach when they arm themselves with passion, dedication, and perseverance, emerging star Noel Mirabal is making waves in the entertainment scene.

This multi-faceted personality is a Cuban-American actor who was born in Queens, New York and raised in Miami, Florida. As the son of a poor Cuban immigrant, Noel Mirabal undeniably had the odds against him. However, he pushed through to claim a spot for himself under the spotlight. 

Noel Mirabal served eight years of active duty until his enlistment ended with an honorable discharge in 2014. Carving a path toward the forefront of the entertainment industry was not initially part of his plans. While he did love watching movies, he never imagined finding himself on the screen instead of before it. But, his story demonstrates clearly that one’s calling may reveal itself even when people have thought they have their lives figured out already.

After finishing his service with the United States Coast Guard, Noel Mirabal stumbled across a casting notice that was in search of people with military experience. “I don’t know why I decided to submit a regular selfie, and my professional resume to the notice, but I did, and I didn’t think anything of it,” he shares. This decision would eventually maneuver him toward the summit. 

Aside from the noteworthy fact that Noel Mirabal made his acting debut on the film Allegiant, he also turned heads for showing tremendous potential as a rookie actor. From there, the road ahead became clear — he would pursue a career in the field he fell in love with. 

Today, this Miami Dade College alumnus, who graduated with dual Associates in Criminal Justice and Arts in Drama, has graced numerous shows. His acting career first started blossoming when he played supporting roles in multiple television shows out of Atlanta, Georgia. Laboring his way skywards, Noel Mirabal secured a recurring role as “Joelito Sanchez” in the comedy series “Hialeah.” He also appeared as “Detective Luis Sanchez” in Discovery ID’s “Grave Mysteries.”

Additionally, Noel Mirabal has taken center stage in several TV and Internet advertisements, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “Rodaje,” Ford Puerto Rico’s “Holidays,” Simple Mobile’s “Dude,” and GoGo SqueeZ, as well as the “H.I.V Awareness Campaign” initiated by Florida’s Department of Health. 

Throughout his career, Noel Mirabal has impressed countless peers and industry authorities with his thirst for growth. Instead of focusing on the competition, he pours out his time and effort to develop as an actor and improve in his craft. He has earned recognition, as well, for his propensity to go all-out in any project, capitalizing on his real-life experiences and combining these with his adaptability, talent, and devotion to up his acting game.

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