Poverty Is a State of Mind: Dr. Velma Trayham Inspires Millions of Starting Women Entrepreneurs

Dr. Velma Trayham is on a mission to ignite hope and inspire millions of women worldwide to be involved in entrepreneurship. Velma uses her extensive experience as an award-winning entrepreneur, multiple high-performing businesses founder, and owner and CEO of Thinkzilla Consulting Group, to provide tips and hacks for starting women entrepreneurs.

Millionaire Mastermind Academy is Velma’s initial effort in mentoring and inspiring women to be economically active. Having started in December 2017, the team behind the economic empowerment program has sparked and spearheaded events and courses designed to alleviate the plight of women, especially those in low-income and economically unstable environments. 

Since its founding, Millionaire Mastermind Academy has helped over 4,600 brave and bold female entrepreneurs establish themselves in the business. The academy helps aspirants jumpstart their journey with a bi-monthly meeting with fellow entrepreneurs, business mentors, and industry leaders. 

With the academy providing a practical roadmap to entrepreneurial success, starting women entrepreneurs reduce the risk of failure. Millionaire Mastermind Academy’s Pioneer Curriculum comprises 12 comprehensive modules that thoroughly discuss and detail tips in the industry, earning it the nickname of ‘World’s #1 Entrepreneur Program.’

Advocating for a smart, skillful, and sustainable entrepreneurship for women with little to zero resources, Millionaire Mastermind Academy has benefited thousands of female business owners. It has created the next generation of women entrepreneurs. 

Through her academy, Velma inspires African American and minority women to use entrepreneurship as their way out of poverty. She motivates them with the phrase that kept her going through her rough start in the industry, “poverty is a state of the mind.” Anyone can achieve what they want through hard work, perseverance, and drive.

Velma knows this well as she comes from an extremely impoverished place in Houston, Texas. Getting out of poverty proved challenging for Velma, but she shouldered on, overcoming the odds with a different mindset, and leaving her hometown to follow the voice of God. Living in the city, Velma tried her hand at several businesses. Her first three were a bust, but she persevered. 

“I come from poverty and humble beginnings so if I can do it for myself, I can do it for others. I have built businesses from the ground up and have made many people very successful. I know business. I am Black and proud of it,” Velma states. 

Wanting not just to be an example to her African-American community and women worldwide, Velma is also an influence, dedicated to educating and empowering women. She recently launched her talk show entitled ‘Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham’ that airs on the AIB TV Network every Friday. The network serves Metro Atlanta and North Georgia, giving Velma an audience of over two million households.

Through her show and her non-profit program, Velma hopes to have helped a million women launch, build, and scale successful businesses in five years. To women of African-American descent, in minority groups, and in general, Velma says, “I would want them to know that anything is possible. I would want them to gain hope. I would want them to know that I have been in their shoes but their best days are ahead of them.”

In her years of service, Velma has become a sought-after empowerment specialist, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader who has inspired change and has become a symbol of hope and success to women worldwide. 

Learn more or reach out to Dr. Velma Trayham through her official website. To attend one of her events, or be a part of her mission, visit the Millionaire Mastermind Academy online. 

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