SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY Is Breaking New Ground in the Rap Industry

The rap industry has seen a couple of hits and misses over the course of an entire decade. Most upcoming rappers haven’t really found their style and are struggling to keep up with the times. Though it shouldn’t be a cause for concern, staying in the game and keeping the dream alive should be every artist’s number 1 priority. The latest hit to come out of Nashville, Tennessee, is none other than upcoming recording artist/producer SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY.

With his distinct lyricism and aggressive flows, SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY brings a totally unique sound to hip-hop and R & B. He started his music career three years ago and has seen tremendous organic growth and fan following over the years. His songs incorporate multiple layers of musicality with melodic indie instrumentals that blend together with his thought-provoking lyrics. As a producer, guitarist, pianist, vocalist, and rapper, he can safely call his music his own creations as he seems to do it all.

His musical journey began when he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Maryville College. SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY created his own record label under the name Jackson Multimedia LLC. The label currently has 9 artists, 3 A&R’s and 2 managers. He used his label to put out his own music with a variety of beats, singles, and mixtapes produced under his pseudonym SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY. He was able to sign a distribution and marketing deal with Bentley Records following the release of his debut EP Perfect Timing on Spinrilla.

SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY’s songs always have a touch of classic artistry to them as he adds instrumental layers to his songs by playing the guitar and piano, something that is totally unique from any rapper in this modern-day and age that utilize synths and pre-recorded instruments.

He recently partnered with Musicians Without Borders to promote a positive lifestyle within our modern society. SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY not only produces and releases music, but he also gives back to the community and helps other artists thrive and reach for their dreams. He has been working on creating a scholarship for college students who want to pursue a career in music, as one of the youngest CEOs in Tennessee, he sees it as his social responsibility.

SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY is extremely determined to bring his dreams to life and earn major awards while performing his own art. With his talent, charisma, and motivation, it won’t be long until people see his true potential. He sees himself with multiple Grammys in the future, helping other artists get on their feet and pursue their dreams. He has made great leaps and bounds to get there, and it’s safe to say that he has finally closed in on his dreams.

There is so much excitement in seeing someone so determined in his craft celebrate relative success in the industry of his choosing. SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY has garnered a lot of success over the years, but he’s gunning for more. His climb to the top is inspiring, and more people should follow suit, his legacy will be his inspiration and the music that he leaves behind. Though he’s not stopping anytime soon, SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY is pulling out all the stops, and success is truly inevitable for someone like him.

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