Suzan Nguyen Thriving Amid the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed more than a physiological health crisis. It’s also ushered in a mental one. There are reports of higher depression rates due to social isolation, economic strife, and anxiety. More and more, the need for mental health advocacies has increased for the past few months. Answering the call is Suzan Nguyen, a life and happiness coach with a powerful message to share.

Suzan is an author and thought leader who advocates for mental wellness. She operates BBnB Coaching, a company that focuses on helping people move past bitterness and trauma and into abundant life. She prospers in the work of assisting people in thriving amid their challenges. Her story begins with a personal experience of tragedy and loss. “I lost my right arm when I was 22 years old,” shares Suzan Nguyen. “The resulting years of depression caused me to become isolated, self-hating, and bitter. I’ve been in that tunnel. So I can show you the way out.”

Author of the book, One Arm but Not Unarmed, Suzan’s story has inspired many people to move past their disabilities and circumstances. She helps people experience a breakthrough by teaching them the right principles and mindsets to overcome and chase after happiness. A celebrated speaker, the life coach is also part of Campuspeak, a company that focuses on providing transformative learning experiences to students. With Campuspeak, she recently led a virtual ‘Be Better Not Bitter’ workshop with the University of Connecticut. Suzan is also a TEDx speaker who joined the roster at the TAMU Salon. 

The life coach completed classes at the Institute of Excellence in Professional Coaching and holds Happiness certification from the Transformation Academy. Suzan fondly pertains to herself as a Happiness Chief Encouragement Officer.

In the middle of the coronavirus crisis, Suzan has remained productive and chosen to thrive. She took the time to focus on her health and train with David Tran Nguyen at Temple Construction, who has challenged her to step out of her comfort zone. The coach also shares how she has realized many refreshing truths during the pandemic, such as how precious people are and how important healthy relationships are to their mental health. Suzan has used her downtime to grow her key relationships, sharing how her relationship with her husband, Phu, has evolved greatly. She also expresses her gratitude for her family and friends, and she is proud of how her relationship with her dear friends Jamie and Châu, whose love and support have been vital in these trying times, has blossomed tremendously.

In light of all her recent realizations, Suzan launched a new non-profit initiative called the Be Better Group. The project is a support community that aims to bring people together and provide hope and inspiration. The life coach launched the program as a way of “Staying productive and staying positive in order to prosper during the pandemic.” Suzan also launched multiple virtual get-togethers as a way of staying productive and positive, where people can be safe to share their struggles and pains through the pandemic and beyond.

Suzan also launched a candle collection during the pandemic. Be Better Boutique sells empowering candles made of love, and the shop can be found on Etsy.

Through the Be Better Movement, Suzan hopes to promote individual growth and wellness to those impacted by life’s challenges. When many people feel ashamed of their bouts with mental struggles, Suzan hopes to break the negative stigma associated with mental health. The Be Better Group hosts a virtual support group that occurs every third Wednesday of the month.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Suzan has continued to thrive and prosper. In the coming days, she will also be launching an online class with a dear friend, mentor, and now business partner, Patrick Hubbard. The course is called Overcoming Adversity. Suzan is also beginning a new journey and having some fun with auditioning for some short films. She is currently working on a documentary with La’Marie Media.

Yet even as promising as Suzan’s days in the time of coronavirus have been, her greatest joy and hope comes from working with people to help them experience the same level of opportunity that she has amid a global crisis.

To learn more about Suzan Nguyen, visit her coaching company’s website, Facebook profile, and Instagram account. You can also sign up and be part of the Be Better Support group by visiting the movement’s website or join their official Facebook Group.

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