Utilizing Tech For the Greater Good, Atilio Spaccarotella Helps Create a Better World Through His Ideas and Innovations


Technology is rapidly evolving, processes that used to be done by humans have now conveniently been delegated to machines or software. In the tech industry, this process is called automation, and it has become such a valuable method for companies to improve their processes and make them more profitable. That’s where ZDG Consulting comes in, a software development company that helps businesses adapt with Automation processes to make them even more profitable.

ZDG Consulting is the brainchild of Atilio Spaccarotella and his highschool friend Gustavo Lindenberg. During the first years of ZDG Consulting’s operations, they realized that the healthcare industry was in dire need of help. So, they took the initiative and partnered up with various healthcare professionals. A few doctors took up their offer, and they did their research together. They found out that a lot of patients were having problems with booking appointments, mostly because the medical centers were short-staffed.

That’s when GTN Medical was born, a solution that allowed for more people to access medical services from the comfort of their homes. However, they ran into yet another roadblock as tech penetration in Argentina was very low. The first step they took was to devise an appointment booking solution system, the first-ever in the world that worked over the telephone 24/7 without the intervention of any operators. Their gambit paid off, and they found huge success and started expanding to the point where they managed over 7 Million appointments.

It even got to the point where the Mexican government contacted them and invited them to an event in Mexico to pitch their idea. The winners of the pitch would be given equity-free money and support to open operations in the country. GTN Medical was selected to participate in this 6-month program, but the business model was so innovative and it generated so much interest that instead of staying six months, Atilio led the company for almost three years.

Despite his passion for what he was doing, he wanted to move on and try to solve other issues. Atilio traveled a lot because of his job as the CEO of ZDG Consulting and GTN Medical, but  due to his health and youth, he never considered the risks of traveling . Until one day, while on vacation, he had a scuba diving accident, and it turned his life around. He was scared for his life, being in a foreign country without anyone to call was very traumatizing and anxiety-inducing. Fortunately, his lungs eventually recovered from the accident, but the experience still haunts him until this very day.

The whole situation inspired Atilio to establish his new venture called Rene, a company that keeps travelers safe and healthy on their journey. Feeling horrible after the accident, he didn’t want anybody else to experience what he did. For this new venture, Atilio partnered once again with his friend, Gustavo, and another expert in corporate software development, Hugo Martinez. They began this platform to allow people to find the perfect travel insurance for every trip, giving them access to medical services and travel benefits easily.

To know more about the many ventures and businesses of Atilio Spaccarotella, follow him on his Instagram. To find out more about his revolutionary new business Rene, visit the website.

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