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Venture Mentality Launches New Apparel Company for Driven Millennials

Image internally provided
Image internally provided

Most 18-year-olds around the world are still in school and worrying about finishing their homework on time. Some are still trying to figure out what they want out of life. But not Jacob O’Connor, who just recently launched an apparel company under the same name as his well-known podcast, Venture Mentality. 

Aside from being an apparel company, Venture Mentality is primarily a lifestyle brand and podcast at the same time. O’Connor founded the company in 2019, intending to fuel the passion of people like himself – motivated, passionate, and ready to take risks to pursue life’s purpose. Even at his young age, the up and coming entrepreneur is making a positive impact on his peers and other well-known business personalities like Ross Chaifetz & Dan Fleyshman. 

His most recent addition to the Venture Mentality brand wants to influence young people like himself to be courageous in pursuing their dreams. The clothing line is not only designed to be comfortable, wearable, and stylish. It is also sending out a powerful message of positivity side by side with the importance of living life purposefully. 

O’Connor wants to impart his ideals and positive influence to the younger generation so that they, too, can accomplish what he has at this stage in his life. For him, success is not dependent on one’s age or experience. It is highly dependent on one’s hard work, creativity, and determination. If he can change the mindset of a whole generation of young people, imagine what kind of world will exist in the coming years.

It will be a generation so driven to make a positive change inside of them that they won’t be able to keep it to themselves. By breaking old and wrong mindsets, Jacob O’Connor hopes that the next generation of entrepreneurs, influencers, marketers, and world leaders will prioritize adding value to the lives of the people they encounter. For him, it is one sure way to develop a strong community that is mindful, assertive, and compassionate. 

Venture Mentality is also all about pushing people to do their best in whatever field they choose. Whether they decide to pursue further studies after high school or build a company right away, the whole idea is to be the best at it no matter what. The brand is all about journeying together towards success one day at a time. 

O’Connor has done over a hundred interviews in his podcast with influential people in business and sports. The list includes Netflix co-founder, Marc Randolph, and two-time Olympic gold medalist, Chris Pronger. They mostly discuss their motivation in life, how they cope with adversity, approaches they used to be successful, their best character traits that contributed to their success, and so many other helpful topics. 

Not only is O’Connor helping his followers through the interviews he does, but he is also primarily sharpening his own entrepreneurial skills and business acumen. He is allowing each person he encounters to contribute to his personal growth. All the knowledge he has acquired is directly seen in his branding abilities, and the way he runs his companies. More than this, however, is the lifelong value he has added to himself. 

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