July 21, 2024
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World’s First Terpene Alcoholic Drink, Dank Vodka Brings, Premium Blend of Liquor

Dank Vodka is a local Texas brand created for the great times and momentous occasions in life. They have constructed an exceptionally smooth and tasteful spirit line distilled six times then continued for several hours. Dank Vodka is the world’s first terpene vodka created with love and care for those who truly appreciate quality in life.

“The true definition of vodka is odorless and flavorless. At Dank, we are bringing the odorless grain vodka back with a modern flavor of terpenes,” says Trea, the founder of Dank Vodka.

Entrepreneur Trea Feist is the founder and CEO of Dank Vodka. He has a ten-year extensive experience of being a bartender. His solid experience in the beverage industry combines his unique backgrounds from bar managing, beverage consulting and even in the military. Dank Vodka, World’s First Terpene Vodka, came from Dank Spirits, bringing you a premium blend of liquor with the most delicate American-made lemon haze terpenes. Trea’s team at Dank Spirits believes when choosing a vodka, you should choose one with a unique profile—one so exceptional it can stand alone above others. 

Dank is a one-of-a-kind vodka because of its unique process of distillation. This drink has been labeled the people’s authentic vodka. The drink brings back the old stirred martini days, where people enjoyed the quality in every purchase. The taste and experience of Dank Vodka reflect its high value for money. The brand of vodka contains a unique natural organic compound called terpenes. This particular compound plays a vital role in most citrus fruits and plants. As a result, they are full of flavor and naturally sweet like Stevia. This unique drink is a corn-based vodka that is filtered for 48 hours, then distilled six times, then continuously distilled over and over again for up to 4 hours.

Dank Vodka is a drink best enjoyed on the rocks, although it’s not limited to that serving style. Customers and consumers have praised the brand for its zesty and natural flavor, Lemon Haze Terpenes. However, if one prefers a mix, Dank blends exceptionally with other elements. The company founder’s suggestion—replace any tequila, rum, or gin cocktail with Dank to have a perfect drink experience.

This process pulls out impurities that cause grainy smells, taste, harsh burns to your throat and cause headaches in the morning. Terpenes are the zest in a citrus rind; they are also the sweet smell in many plants and are incredibly versatile compounds. These compounds are naturally sweet like Stevia and have aromatic, zesty oils; therefore, Dank Vodka has zero added sugars or byproducts. Their terpene is called Lemon Haze and exhausts a refreshing citrus zest with zero grainy and ethanol smell, taste or harsh burn on your throat.

Zack “ROI” Williams is the mastermind in charge of marketing and bringing this amazing drink to the world.

“This is without question the finest and smoothest Vodka I have ever tried and has instantly become my go-to drink. But, unfortunately, their current production is limited and, not surprisingly, is selling out very quickly. And I believe that the reason is this: the crafting method includes zesting of its primary constituents that produce a simply outstanding drink”, John Moss, one of their customers.

Another customer, Wilson Shelton, added, “This is such an excellent product. Great taste smooth on the pallet with absolutely zero harsh burns.”

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