July 17, 2024
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8 Fitness Essentials to Help You Kick Off the Summer

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The weather is warming up, which means it’s time to start prepping for your hot girl summer! Now’s the time to organize all your essentials and start planning summer workouts. Take your workouts outdoors and enjoy the summer sun. Hit the beach for a volleyball tournament with your besties, do some laps at the pool, or satisfy your sense of adventure on a hike through a national park. 

Maybe you need a personalized diet plan to heal your hormones and get your energy levels back on track, or maybe you’re simply looking for a sassy new outfit to hit the gym in style. Whatever your plans are this summer, our list includes all the fitness essentials you need. You’ll find everything you need to kick off your fit and fabulous summer with these nine essentials. 

1. Boost Your Post-Workout Recovery With Delicious and Nutritious Protein Powder From Orgain

What’s your favorite summer workout? Whether you prefer a day on the tennis court with your bestie, golfing with your crush, or going for a morning run on the beach, you’ll need a protein-packed meal to recover afterward. 

Simplify your life by adding Orgain’s delicious and nutritious protein powder to your recovery routine. Mix it with your favorite milk of choice for a tasty post-workout shake. Satisfy your sweet tooth and meet your macros at the same time with scrumptious flavors like Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel and Cookies and Cream. 

If mixing a shake isn’t your style, you can use Orgain’s protein powder to make healthier versions of your favorite breakfast treats. Make protein pancakes with their exclusive Vanilla Horchata flavor, or throw together overnight oats to enjoy on the beach by mixing their Strawberries and Cream powder with instant oats, chia seeds, milk, and fresh fruit. 

Gluten-Free? Keto? Vegan? Orgain has you covered. They have grass-fed, plant-based, and keto-friendly protein powders to suit your dietary needs and preferences. 

2. Mix Up Tasty Smoothies With a Versatile Hand Blender From Mueller

Use your favorite flavors of Orgain’s protein powder to mix up a tasty smoothie on a hot summer day. Mueller’s hand blender makes it easier than ever to turn fresh fruit and yogurt into a healthy and refreshing treat. Two-speed settings allow you maximum control while you blend your favorite ingredients. No need to dirty a blender; all you have to do is throw your ingredients in your favorite cup and blend.

Mueller’s hand blender also comes with a detachable whisk and milk frother. You can use it to level up your iced coffee by frothing your oat milk or whisk together eggs for a veggie omelet. Even if you want a simple protein shake, using the hand blender with the milk frother attachment will ensure your protein powder doesn’t create any clumps. 

With a quality hand blender from Mueller, the possibilities of what you can create are endless. You can use the same attachment for making smoothies in summer to blend hearty vegetable soups in the winter and fall. Mix a fresh salsa verde for your next summer pool party, or make a healthy homemade aioli for sandwiches and wraps. 

3. Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet With Fatty15 to Fight Signs of Aging

For a long time, the health world was afraid of fat. Low-fat diets were all the rage. In the 70s, the US government even suggested restricting or eliminating all saturated fats to prevent chronic conditions like heart disease. But more recent studies are proving that fat isn’t the enemy. In fact, the right kinds of fats are an essential part of any healthy diet. 

Some fats have maintained a strong image even during the days of fatphobia. Omega-3 and Omega-6, for example, are fatty acids that doctors have always considered to be essential. Comparing Omega-3 vs. Omega-6 with Fatty15 can help you to understand where you may need to supplement your diet to reap the benefits of healthy fats. 

Without getting too scientific, Omega-3 and Omega-6 are essential nutrients that aren’t naturally produced in the human body. Omega-3s come from fish, plants, seeds, and nuts, and adding Omega-3 to your diet can improve brain function, immunity, and heart health. Omega-6 comes from plant oils, seeds, and nuts, and eating a balanced amount of Omega-6 supports heart and bone health and can help you maintain a healthy weight. Most Americans get enough Omega-6 from a traditional diet. 

You can add Omega-3s to your diet by eating more salmon, taking a fish oil supplement, or adding chia seeds to your breakfast. But Omegas aren’t the only healthy fats that can make a difference in your health. C15:0, an odd-chain fatty acid found in dairy and milk products, promotes overall health at a cellular level. 

Fatty15 has created a unique, vegan, powder-based C15:0 supplement that, when taken regularly, can boost your energy levels from inside your cells. It supports your mitochondria which, you might remember from 9th-grade biology, are where our cells produce energy. 

Adding Fatty15 and Omega-3 and 6 to your diet could help prevent premature aging, keeping you looking and feeling youthful for many summers to come. 

4. Heal Hormonal Imbalances Using Allara Health’s Personalized Plans

It can be challenging to get out and enjoy the sunshine if you are constantly suffering from symptoms of hormonal imbalances like PCOS, endometriosis, or hypothyroidism. If you struggle with low energy, heavy periods, headaches, acne, or chronic pain, you could have a hormonal balance and not even know it. None of those symptoms make you want to lay out on the beach or hang by the pool.

Make the most of your summer by working with Allara Health to diagnose and treat your hormone imbalances. They will guide you through the testing process and curate a specialized exercise and diet plan to help you find a new normal. Work with a registered PCOS dietician at Allara to help heal your hormones through the food you put into your body each day. 

Plus, Allara Health curates a sense of community among the women they serve. You can share your story with other women experiencing similar symptoms. Sometimes, the most helpful thing is to know you aren’t going through a challenge all alone. 

Experts at Allara Health go above and beyond to find exercise plans, medications, diet changes, and more that can help you feel like your best self again. Their services are covered by most insurance. If you aren’t feeling your best, take their 15-minute hormone evaluation. Start feeling better sooner and start your summer on the right foot. 

5. You Need a Supportive and Sassy Athletic Dress From Halara 

Once you feel your most fabulous self again, you’ll need a new look to head to your summer workouts in style. These sassy and supportive athletic dresses from Halara are a must-have for every fit girl’s summer wardrobe. 

Sure, booty shorts are great for a run on the beach—but there is something so flirty and romantic about wearing a dress. Halara’s dresses have built-in shorts and bra support to keep everything in place while you get your sweat on. These dresses are perfect for a golf date or to meet your bestie to play tennis. 

Halara’s dresses go beyond the gym. These dresses are so comfortable and versatile that you’ll want to wear them all summer. You’ll look adorable popping around town to do your errands in a cute workout dress. Pair with some tennis sneakers and a jean jacket to hang with friends at a beachfront bonfire. 

6. 1AND1 Life Suggests Adding a Cold Plunge to Your Routine

Try cooling off on hot summer days by taking a cold plunge before or after your workout, as recommended by the team at 1AND1 Life. Shocking your body by exposing it to cold temperatures can improve your mood, support blood flow, and make your body more resilient to stress. 

Your first time will probably feel like torture, but if you focus on your breathing, you will get through it. Finding the willingness to get uncomfortable is an excellent exercise in mind control. You are more powerful than your thoughts. The more often you make the plunge, the more addicted you’ll be to the sense of control it gives you. 

Plus, you will feel invigorated when you come out of that ice-cold water. The crazy thing is that by establishing a routine of cold plunging, you can increase your daily energy. Studies have shown that regularly exposing your body to cold temperatures increases levels of the hormone norepinephrine. This handy little hormone helps regulate your energy levels and attention span. 

Cold plunging only requires a few minutes of discomfort to feel more focused and energized all day. Tons of celebrities and athletes take ice-cold dips to enhance their performance. Make your summer your hottest yet by letting yourself get ice cold. 

7. Soothe Aching Muscles With Artizen Essential Oils

If you’re hesitant to jump into an ice bath, there are other ways to stimulate blood circulation and soothe sore muscles. Essential oils have been used by herbalists for thousands of years to ease muscle fatigue. As an added bonus, they smell delicious, and the scents can calm your mind while they relieve muscle tension. 

Many essential oils have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, which can support your muscles as they regenerate after a challenging workout. Try rubbing eucalyptus oil on sore quads after hitting the squat rack. Use cypress or juniper oil to avoid muscle spasms in your calves after a long run. Cool off your body while improving blood flow with a few drops of peppermint oil. 

Not all essential oils are made equally. Many are meant for aromatherapy purposes and use additives to enhance the natural fragrance. If you plan to use essential oils on your skin, do your research and choose a product made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure that it’s safe. Artizen’s essential oil sets, available on Amazon, are naturally derived and safe for use on the skin. 

Talk to your doctor before using essential oils if you’re pregnant or nursing, and always patch test on a small section of your skin since even naturally occurring oils could cause irritation. If you experience any redness or irritation, this could be a sign of an allergic reaction. 

8. Pump the Tunes With Sweat Resistant Wireless Earbuds From JLab

If you want to stay motivated during your summer workouts, you need to be ample to pump your playlist with no interruptions. Ditch the headphones that slide off as soon as you start to sweat, and stop getting tangled up in the wires on long runs.

You need JLabs Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds. Unlike Airpods or other in-ear headphones, these have an ergonomic hook that fits over your years to prevent slippage. Get your sweat on and blast your tunes without worrying about if your earbuds are going to pop out. 

The JLabs Be Aware feature allows you to choose to let in ambient noise, keeping you safe on evening runs. Plus, these trusty earbuds have a 6-hour battery life. You’ve got the battery power to push for an extra two miles on your run, so you can let the music take control. 

Is your bestie calling you to make plans to hit the town on this hot summer night? Intuitive controls make it easy to pause your music and answer the call by simply tapping the earbud. Whether you want to rock out or chat with your girl while you get your steps in on the treadmill, these wireless earbuds from JLabs have you covered. 

Make Summer 2023 the Best One Yet 

Take advantage of summer essentials like sporty athletic dresses, hormone-balancing health plans, and nutritious protein powder to make this summer your best ever! When you prioritize your fitness and take care of yourself, you’ll feel fabulous in that bikini and enjoy every second of your hot girl summer.

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