July 20, 2024
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Adell Kimbrough Thrives to Impact Lives Amid Pandemic and Economic Recession

COVID-19 has definitely taken its toll on everyone. Besides the apparent health risks, the pandemic also caused economic downturns that affected people’s livelihood and financial status. Amid the trying times, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and private pilot Adell Kimbrough refused to give in to negativity and aims to inspire others to search for a silver lining despite everything.

Born on July 18, 1993, Adell Kimbrough is truly a force to be reckoned with. His unique and positive perspective on life paved the way for him to uplift many communities across the globe. As the president of Prophetic World Group, Adell strives to change and impact lives through scholarships, livelihood opportunities, and supporting poorer cities and communities in every way possible.

“Success, in the end, is really all about people,” said Adell Kimbrough. “My work is focused on helping people, and when I go home each day, I do so knowing that I have helped others improve their lives. That’s a really good feeling,” he added.

Prophetic World Group is an organization and a church that has members worldwide. Its primary focus is providing a brighter future for kids through scholarships and engaging talks. The organization influences the younger generation by advocating for non-violence, sex abstinence, leadership, anti-bullying, and many other various topics. “The next generation is really receptive to what we have to say. They also have amazing ideas of their own about how to solve the problems they are facing,” said Adell Kimbrough.

The Prophetic World Group church is currently based in Detroit, Michigan. The church caters to thousands through its regular worship services and offers spiritual counseling to high-profile individuals such as celebrities and entrepreneurs. Even amid the pandemic, the church pivoted its service to the digital space to continually help people with their spiritual growth. Today, through social media platforms, the Prophetic World Group church streams to over 10,000 viewers. 

Adell Kimbrough does not believe in thinking negatively. Instead, he always seeks to look for a new approach. “I try to stay open to new opportunities even in the midst of difficulties, which is why I’ve reached the level of success that I have, I believe,” said Adell. It is exactly with his particular outlook in life that Adell was able to help people from all walks of life. He has stumbled upon disillusioned adults, pastors, and kids who have been victimized by bullying, helping them see life from a different perspective. 

“One of my biggest opportunities came out in Guatemala,” shared Adell Kimbrough. “I was in this little Cessna in the highlands, and there were no commercial aircrafts, just these small planes. I could see really quickly how the ability to fly a plane would be useful in places like that, so when I got home, I began learning how to fly so that I could have my private pilot license. Eventually, I want to have my own private charter for pastors so they can get into the really remote destinations.”

Asked what inspires him to take a leap of faith in helping people globally, Adell Kimbrough shared that he personally knows the impact of receiving help. “I owe where I am today to thousands of people around the world. Their support has carried me through the challenges I’ve faced in my own life. In the end, no one is meant to do life alone,” shared the speaker. With the blessings he received, Adell chose to pay his success forward by supporting worthy causes. 

Additionally, Adell Kimbrough is also passionate about writing. He is the author of From Passengers to Pilots, a book that encourages readers to step up and become the pilots of their own lives rather than merely being passive passengers. “All that separates you from what you want is a choice to go after it. It’s why some people go after their dreams while too many others give up on them,” said the author. 

To learn more about Adell Kimbrough, visit his website.

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