June 19, 2024
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Amanda Marie Wilkinson on Spreading Positivity and Building Community through Arts and Music

There is an old saying that goes, “Art transcends cultural boundaries as everyone can understand it.” The best artist will therefore be one who can create art in a way that makes people look at the world differently. Using her creative platform to inspire, uplift, and empower others through the universal language of arts and music is Amanda Marie Wilkinson.

Hailing from Houston, Amanda Marie Wilkinson is a creative artist who passionately believes in living life to the services of others. A leader staying true to her beliefs, Amanda utilizes her education and professional experience in business and nursing as part of her arsenal to unite, advocate and support her communities. Her largest personal platform is Unity with Community. This unique platform accepts everyone, inviting them to connect, learn, grow, offer support to everyone, and remind them that life should be lived passionately and positively.

Amanda is open to working with everyone regardless of race, tribe, gender, or sexual orientation. “No one is excluded from my world. I invite all to connect, learn, grow, support and share life passionately and positively,” she said. Acknowledging that people have different experiences in life,  Amanda shares her story through her writing and music to inspire, uplift and empower the listeners who might relate to her stories to find their voice. She is dedicated to playing her role in community building and truly believes that competition hinders personal and professional growth, ultimately creating negative conflict.

Instead, Amanda Marie Wilkinson sees everyone as a collaborative opportunity. She has learned to respect and appreciate everyone she meets on her artistic journey through life for their unique individual talents. Her “live and let live” outlook on life has helped her lead a life of fulfillment as she focuses on reciprocating support and respect for others through team building. However, Amanda also understands that autonomy and authenticity are necessary for creative growth as much as collaboration,  so to achieve effective team building, everyone must respect the individual skill set of others. “Never letting yourself nor your vision go to the opinions of others because, at the end of the day, it is your name, your presence, your fulfillment, and your peace at stake,” she passionately shared.

Amanda spread positivity with her latest music single, “Taking My Time,” debuting on May 28th on all major music streaming platforms. She wrote the song about taking steps back and taking back the necessary time you need to be in that great place,  especially when most of the time is taken or given to something or someone else.

Amanda Marie Wilkinson keeps an open mind on the endless possibilities and opportunities available and continues to grow in knowledge. Amanda hopes to continue growing her craft as a writer, actress, filmmaker, and artist in the coming year. She also wants to continue using her voice and platform to further her greatest passion—helping communities. 

To learn more about Amanda Marie Wilkinson, you may visit her website.

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