May 28, 2024
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Andrew Madare Channels His Creativity Through His Beautiful Poetry in Aqua Girl

Poetry is an art form unlike any other. It is a means to express the deepest intricacies of any topic through the masterful use of language. As someone who has mastered the art, Andrew Madare is a natural poet. Despite practicing a different field throughout his life, he has found his peace within poetry, and he aims to show the world all of his talents through his work within the field of poetry.

Born in Moldova, Andrew Madare moved to the United States exactly seven years ago. At the same time, it was there and then that he found his passion in writing poetry. In contrast with other artists in his field, Andrew is quite introverted, but he possesses an energetic personality that captivates people within his circles.

His poetic journey has been full of ups and downs, and it has been plagued with a sense of unprecedented inspiration. Andrew Madare currently works as a truck driver, which is what makes his journey into poetry even more astounding. Once he amassed and encompassed all of the inspiration that surrounded him, he was able to create something beautiful through his poetry.

Furthermore, much of his inspiration came from a woman who sparked the motivation within him. His muse is Vera Sharapova, whom he considers the most amazing bartender he has ever come across. The culmination of his inspiration came in the form of a poetry book entitled Aqua Girl, dedicated to Vera Sharapova herself.

His book is a stark reflection of his inner conflict and struggles to find balance, but it is also a beautiful ode to his muse, Vera Sharapova, who pervades the deep recesses of his mind. Andrew Madare has created a beautiful piece of Romantic Poetry that stands the test of time. His absolute desire to express himself has brought him to where he is now, in a place where he can show the world all of the things that he has experienced through the beauty of his poetry and prose.

Andrew Madare admits that the entire project came to him in a flash of inspiration. All of it happened unconsciously, and he just let himself be overcome by the beauty of the ride. Currently, apart from his poetry, he is also working on building a mobile platform where users can make money by providing services based on their skills. The platform is called HelpMe-Feel the Freedom, and it is slated to come out really soon, so people should be on the lookout for the wonders that it provides.

In the foreseeable future, Andrew Madare aims to improve his skills in life and also to make his dreams a living reality. “I had a lot of unpleasant experiences because of lack of knowledge or experience, and what usually gets me through is blind faith,” says Andrew, “I’ll make it through, and the fact life is going to end one day is what constantly pushes me to do more.” 

The talented poet is a cut above the rest. Andrew Madare fully channels his inspiration in ways that no other modern wordsmith could ever fathom. He is a truly talented artist who has found the right subject to speak about. As his words fill in the very feelings that he wishes to express, it’s only a matter of time before the world gets to listen to his powerful voice.

To know more about the amazing Andrew Madare, make sure to check out his work, Aqua Girl, which is available on Amazon.

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