June 23, 2024
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April Mata’s “My Big Blended Family” is a Must-Read for Families and Children Navigating Life’s Unfortunate Situations

Contrary to what we see in television and entertainment, not every family shares the same dynamic. It is the parents who play a significant role in how the children perceive the world and the morals they carry into society. However, some parents can be incredibly controlling of their children’s lives, limiting their views, alienating them, and casting a negative impact on their upbringing. April Mata hopes to shed light on the real truth behind families and the important role it plays in the lives of children all over the world.

Truth be told, not all family dynamics are the same. There are some children that live with other family members apart from their biological parents, some children have half-siblings, some are adopted, some have same-sex parents, and some have two homes and split time with both parents. This ever-changing dynamic was part of April Mata’s childhood experience, inspiring her to tell her story through her book “My Big Blended Family.”

April Mata is a mother, author, and advocate for children’s welfare. Through her parenting experiences, she realized that the topic of family dynamics is something that needed more attention. “Oftentimes, kids feel left out or different if they don’t have the typical mother/father happy home that is often portrayed in our culture,” explained April. 

She fully acknowledges that some children out there feel the need to be loved regardless of their situation at home. With the mounting pressure that these children often felt, April Mata used the power of her voice and impeccable storytelling to motivate children to accept themselves no matter what. 

In “My Big Blended Family,” April Mata recalls her real-life experiences in a far-from-normal family situation. Growing up, she didn’t even know who her biological father was until she turned seven years old. The event left a lasting impact throughout her adolescence until she finally got a family of her own and turned her life around.

As she plucks her stories from her real-life experiences, April Mata envisions a world where no child will ever have to feel alone and confused ever again. Motivated by her passion for helping others, April realized that she had to do something about this pressing issue. The turning point came when she saw her own ten-year-old son yearn for his father to be in his life. That’s when she knew that it was her sole purpose to tell her story. 

But this isn’t just April’s story. This is the story of countless families all over the world. Many people have succumbed to this less than ideal living situation, but the only way to ever overcome it is through acceptance and pressing on. “I want readers to recognize that kids are people with emotions and problems. They are just trying to navigate as best they can, and they need all the love and support in the world!” explained the esteemed author.

Furthermore, by sharing her story, April Mata also wants to shed light on parental alienation as it is a problem that needs to be addressed to prevent the negative effects it brings upon children. “We need to teach more love and acceptance,” she said. There are people out there who are lost when it comes to these things; children especially don’t deserve to suffer through the consequences of these awful situations. “My Big Blended Family” is a step in the right direction towards finally solving this global plight, and April Mata is standing at the forefront of this movement.

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