June 19, 2024
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Astronaut Boyz Incorporated Promotes the Interests and Well-being of Disadvantaged Artists in Underserved Communities

Astronaut Boyz Incorporated takes a groundbreaking approach to support local artists. By focusing on personal and spiritual growth, the company elevates the music industry while giving back to the community.

The present era, which is often referred to as the age of disruption, has also been a time of reckoning for the music industry. For years, record labels and music groups have struggled to strike a balance between supporting an artist’s creative freedom and commercial success. More and more artists have found the courage to speak up and demand change. Fortunately, a much-needed course correction is underway. Music groups like Astronaut Boyz Incorporated (ABI) are leading the charge in transforming the music industry. 

Founded by Adrian Howard in 2015, Astronaut Boyz Incorporated helps artists elevate every aspect of their lives. Instead of treating artists like products, the company focuses on empowering them toward attaining individual growth. Astronaut Boyz is especially positioned to assist rising talents in undervalued communities.

Astronaut Boyz Incorporated features artists out of Aurora, CO, and takes care of recording their music. The company provides services to musicians from a wide range of genres, including hip-hop, R&B, and pop. In creating Astronaut Boyz, Adrian Howard partnered with BWillz, one of Denver’s most accredited local artists. The media has described BWillz and this partnership as dynamic, powerful, and locally influential. With over ten years of experience in the music industry, Astronaut Boyz is intimately familiar with what up-and-coming artists need to thrive.

The first step in elevating the artist’s life is creating an environment where they feel at home with family. Astronaut Boyz Incorporated develops raw talent and helps foster the musicians’ personal and spiritual growth. This endeavor, of course, begins with studio sessions, artist management, artist promotion, and many others. ABI extends these services to producing custom merchandise and organizing live or private events.

To increase an artist’s chances of being signed to a major label, Astronaut Boyz Incorporated provides them with every tool and avenue available. This approach is ABI’s “secret weapon”—featuring the eye-catching skills and pitch of musicians on mainstream media. ABI has strategic access to major publications, including Thizzler on the Roof, Hip Hop 357, Raptology, Street Money Radio, Navona Records, Artist Weekly, and many more. Using this service, the team can help their clients gain exposure to some of the most influential figures in the music industry.

The music group’s mission can be summarized into three crucial messages: partnering with local artists, raising awareness on the healthy state of authentic hip-hop, and promoting the signing of disadvantaged artists. In an effort to serve the community, ABI often donates the proceeds from the record and merchandise sales to local charities. The company has also organized charity kickball games, school supplies giveaways, and annual Thanksgiving dinner box giveaways.

Astronaut Boyz Incorporated is actively looking for artists trying to build experience. Often, these musicians have already recorded at least one mixtape. However, many remain in need of a platform for their music to find its way to music managers, supervisors, and commercial labels. ABI has the expertise to deliver these results. On the consumers’ side of the spectrum, Astronaut Boyz is the ideal channel for real music enthusiasts to discover new artists. 

The industry has quickly recognized Astronaut Boyz Incorporated’s groundbreaking work. The music group was granted the Leadership and Achievement in My Occupation/Industry 2020 award. This year, the ABI team also secured the Professional of the Year prize.

To learn more about Astronaut Boyz Incorporated, please visit the company’s website.

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