June 24, 2024
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At Quelltouch, Clients Can Always Achieve Hair Greatness

Hair has always been referred to as a person’s crowning glory. Many individuals take pride in their hair. Choosing a hairstyle or hair color has long been a form of creative self-expression and experimentation. Many are able to style their hair at home, but whenever they want a special treat, an appointment with their favorite hairstylist is in order. Jacquel Armstrong is a respected hairstylist and owner of Quelltouch. Under her expert care, her clients achieve the hairstyle of their dreams.

Jacquel Armstrong and her establishment Quelltouch are based in New Jersey. She is a celebrity hairstylist who has built a loyal client base due to her skill and professionalism. Aside from her New Jersey-based clients, Jacquel has also done hair for Grammy-nominated rap artists and other celebrities. With her experience working with high-profile clients, this hairstylist has become the go-to stylist in her area. 

At Quelltouch, clients are assured of excellent service done in a timely manner. Jacquel shared, “A lot of my clients tell me they used to spend all day in chairs while their hair is being styled. They tell me that it feels like they are wasting an entire day. But I am able to work fast. I pride myself on my speed.” Despite the speed at which she works with her client’s hair, Jacquel always ensures top-quality work. “I make sure they leave that chair feeling confident about themselves and their hair,” the stylist said.

Jacquel Armstrong is a hardworking hairstylist, and she draws her inspiration from her mother and her daughter. She explained, “My mother taught me everything I know. So building a good business with Quelltouch is my way of thanking her for everything she has done for me. Without her teachings, I would not be the person I am today.” As for being inspired by her daughter, she says, “My daughter motivates me to be the best that I can be. So I work and keep building upon my business to give my family a good life.”

Clients who want to work with Jacquel Armstrong have a variety of hairstyles to choose from. They can ask for feed-in ponytails and braids, knotless braids, lemonade braids, locks, and cornrows. Quelltouch caters to women, men, and children aged seven years old or older. For clients living in the Jersey area, this stylist also offers subscription plans for repeat clients. These clients can book either a 2-month subscription, a 6-month subscription, or a one-year subscription. In addition, individuals who are interested in learning how to braid hair can also book a one-on-one braiding class at Quelltouch. 

With a thriving hairstyling business, Jacquel Armstrong still has bigger dreams in mind. She shared, “I see myself traveling the world doing hair. I also want to inspire young kids and teach them to be their own bosses. I also want to expand Quelltouch and open up in more locations in the future.”

Having a particular hairstyle can reinforce one’s identity and boost a person’s confidence. This is the reason why it is crucial to work with a hairstylist they can trust to deliver outstanding results. “I love doing hair and making people feel good about themselves,” Jacquel Armstrong said, “The smile on their faces at the end of our appointments always makes my day brighter.”

Jacquel Armstrong is a celebrity hairstylist and owner of Quelltouch. To see some of her work, you can follow her on Instagram.

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