July 14, 2024
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Author Susan Clawson’s ‘better lands’ 5-Book Series Captures Hearts of Dystopian, Apocalyptic, and Drama Fans

The pandemic gave birth to writers and artists who discovered their giftedness while most of  the world took a pause. For some authors, there was a rekindling of passions that brought new works to light. Susan Clawson is one of them, who through that rebirth, wrote her latest book series,  ‘better lands’.

better lands’ is a dystopian adventure drama series that tells a tale about survivors persevering through treacherous times in extreme circumstances. The story follows people who are forced to live with others they would not typically associate with, in a distorted environment where they have little to no control over. They experience new friendships, romance, disloyalities, violence and even death amongst them as they try to survive in the shambled world. 

The series first takes place in Burlington, Vermont, and introduces Rosa Wells, a young teen who is one of the survivors of the deadly pandemic. The story begins after a couple of virus strains wiped out over two-thirds of the world’s breathing population and infrastructure. Since there was a possibility of a third strand, Rosa decides to make it her mission to search for virus-free lands, than took many of the survivors with her on a 45-tempestuous foot journey to Kentucky’s inland peninsula. The dystopian drama concentrates more on the hardships that form within relationships during perilous times than the destruction or the virus itself. While they travel toward the supposed better lands, conflicts arise, betrayals come to light, and death waits patiently for the right time to strike among them.

Given everything our world has gone through since its birth and what more it will encounter through its existence, the reader might view the fictional story more than realistic. It may give them a pause of wonderment what they would do if placed in a similar situation. Susan believes in some small way, it could help prepare us to  understand what to expect if the world does face such a crisis and to realize that no matter how touch things get, or who we’re with, we must stay resilient in order to survive. 

Susan Clawson is a true New Englander, raised in  Vermont and attended a high school known as “cow valley high” because of the farmland that surrounded it. She raised her three children, mainly as a single mom, than remet her high school sweetheart just twenty years ago. They have since married and still live in the New England area. Between them they  have  five grown children and three grandkids.    

Susan has always loved to write since she was a young child. In her later years she published two low-profile books with the plan to continue with them, but life got in the way. When the pandemic struck, she seized the chance to devote all of her “free” time to writing the one-of-a-kind, universally relatable ‘better lands’ series.

Currently, the first book, ‘THE DISCOVERIES’ is under film adaptation. Susan continues to write books 4 & 5, and hopes to have them published in 2023. 

Learn more about Susan Clawson and her book series, ‘better lands’ by visiting her website.

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