July 24, 2024
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AV King Hamilton and GoodSource Artist Collective Unleash a Symphony of Creativity and Purpose

AV King
Photo Credited to: Adrian Quintero

In the boundless tapestry of life, dreams are the vivid hues that paint our aspirations on the canvas of reality. It’s the audacious belief that fuels the engine of creation, the unwavering spirit that propels us forward. Making things happen is an art, a dance between determination and inspiration, a symphony of effort and vision. It’s about embracing the audacity to dream and then summoning the courage to turn those dreams into tangible moments of existence.

In the heart of Lake Elsinore, California, where the sun kisses the earth with warmth, there’s a home that resonates with a different rhythm. Alan Vondetrick King Hamilton, or AV King as he’s fondly known, moves through his space with a unique blend of confidence and ease. It’s a place that defies convention, where vintage furniture and aged wood cabinets hold court, untouched by the hands of modern minimalism. AV King, a 25-year-old musician with a trumpet as his sidekick, has carved a niche for himself and his tribe, the GoodSource Artist Collective.

In the past half-decade, AV King birthed the GoodSource Artist Collective, a movement that’s more than just music. “It’s the kingdom, it’s the tribe, it’s the ministry,” AV King explains, emphasizing the collective’s holistic approach. GoodSource Artist Collective spans across three main departments: music, media, and athletics. It’s a family of like-minded individuals, from vocalists and producers to basketball enthusiasts and skateboarders. “Creating for the creator, creating for love, creating for the biggest purpose,” AV King adds, outlining the collective’s ethos.

As AV King rinses the remnants of fruits and vegetables from his juicer, he proudly speaks of GoodSource Artist Collective’s diverse talents. The tribe embraces basketball and skateboarding alongside the conventional music scene. Their media department, a vital cog in the social media age, comprises photographers, videographers, and editors, documenting the rise of artists and athletes under the GoodSource umbrella.

“Like-minded, [they] want to build, [and their] hearts are in the right place,” AV King reflects on the essence that binds his eclectic team. It’s a conscious effort to foster love and camaraderie, evident in their regular hoop and skate sessions. GoodSource Artist Collective is gearing up for its second short skateboarding film, following the success of its debut, with a full-length skate film on the horizon.

AV King’s journey began in the 4th grade when the trumpet found him. “I just never put it down,” he reminisces, his passion for the NBA and basketball initially steering his dreams. Today, he’s living his dream, watching it sprout and grow like a tree. “There’s gonna be more branches, more birds, [and more] bees on the tree,” he exclaims, his joy infectious.

The GoodSource Art. family isn’t confined to the walls of Lake Elsinore. Their presence is felt in the luxurious scenes of Malibu, the laid-back vibes of Santa Monica, and the rustic charm of Wine Country. A trip up north to San Francisco marked a significant moment for AV King and saxophonist Chris Panameno, performing alongside the accomplished ensemble 1500 or Nothin’. The GoodSource Artist Collective live band, a spirited force, captivates audiences, leaving an indelible mark wherever they go.

Closer to home, in Lake Elsinore, AV King is a community builder. Through GoodSource Art., he orchestrates local art shows and free basketball training sessions for the youth. The community witnesses five vs. five matches and gym takeovers, with plans to extend the excitement to local parks. The basketball fever has even spread to iconic spots like Venice Beach and Santa Monica.

As AV King reflects on the past, he attributes the momentum and resolute vision to a higher force – “The Holy Spirit does it.” Looking ahead, he envisions a GoodSource Artist Collective that’s not just bigger but much, much larger. It’s a simple statement that echoes with profound optimism and unwavering belief.

“To think about something like this is wild, but it just felt right, and I knew what the mission was,” AV King reflects on the journey so far. With the Holy Spirit as their guiding force, GoodSource Artist Collective stands poised for a future where the tree they’ve planted will continue to grow, branching out into new realms and touching more lives.

In AV King’s world, the beat goes on, the trumpet hums and the tree keeps growing. GoodSource Artist Collective isn’t just a movement; it’s a testament to the power of purpose, community, and the unwavering belief that dreams when tended with love, will flourish and grow beyond imagination.

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