February 24, 2024
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Award-Winning Director RP Patnaik Discusses Oscar-Qualified Film “Trigger” Addressing Gun Violence

Award-Winning Director RP Patnaik Discusses Oscar-Qualified Film "Trigger" Addressing Gun Violence
Photo Credited to: RP Patnaik's "Trigger"

[Los Angeles] – In an exclusive interview, renowned filmmaker RP Patnaik delves into the inspiration, creative process, and societal impact of his groundbreaking short film “Trigger,” a powerful exploration of the pressing issue of gun violence.

The tragic loss of innocent lives in numerous incidents of gun violence deeply affected RP Patnaik, prompting him to contemplate the concept behind “Trigger.” The film aims to address persistent societal problems by emphasizing the importance of discussing these issues rather than avoiding them.

It explores the psychological state of individuals who, influenced by their upbringing and societal factors, resort to gun violence. The central theme revolves around the disturbed state of mind that plays a significant role in their decision to use firearms to inflict harm.

In a pioneering approach, RP Patnaik creatively explored the sensitive topic of gun violence through musical experimentation. The film’s musical narrative seeks to alleviate the intense emotions linked to the issue, offering a thought-provoking and innovative examination of the subject.

With a runtime of 15 minutes and 15 seconds, it efficiently navigates storytelling to address the complex issue of gun violence. The concise duration facilitates reaching a larger audience with the goal of triggering minds and maximizing the film’s outreach.

The film adopts the philosophy that unless a problem is addressed, it can’t be resolved. The movie aims to ignite a seed for overcoming the associated stigma, encouraging meaningful conversations around persistent issues.

RP Patnaik hopes to have the film promote discussions around gun violence by urging individuals to move beyond reacting to violent incidents and delve into understanding the underlying factors that drive such actions. The goal is to encourage introspection and pave the way for viable solutions. Moreover, he believes the film will resonate with audiences worldwide, tapping into the innate desire for peace within each individual and touching the core of viewers around the globe.

“Trigger” being Oscar Qualified marks the initial step, with the ultimate goal being a nomination. The recognition is expected to significantly impact the film’s reach and visibility, fostering more discussions on the pressing societal issue it addresses.

RP Patnaik hinted at upcoming projects that will explore both positive and negative persistent issues, building on the success and reception of “Trigger.” Further details will be revealed as prospects for the film continue to brighten.

For those eager to witness the impactful exploration of gun violence in RP Patnaik’s “Trigger,” a special screening is scheduled for Thursday, December 14th, 2023. The screening will take place at the Rodeo screening room, located at 150 South Radio Drive, Beverly Hills, CA.

This exclusive event stands as a unique opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves in the compelling narrative and innovative musical journey of “Trigger.” Designed to be thought-provoking, the film transcends traditional storytelling boundaries, offering a powerful medium for engaging with the pressing issue of gun violence. Attendees will witness a seamless fusion of storytelling and musical experimentation, carefully crafted by RP Patnaik to elicit profound emotional responses. 

For further inquiries regarding the screening, please contact:

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