May 24, 2024
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BOSS Startup Science, Gregory Shepard’s Solution to Guiding Startups and Entrepreneurs from Pitfalls and Failure

Entrepreneurship has always been one of the most accessible careers that anyone can pursue to attain financial freedom, giving people the opportunity to prepare for retirement. However, the journey into entrepreneurship is riddled with more than a handful of pitfalls that can potentially pull them further from their goals or even lead to failure. With the accessibility that the digital world provides, many people can get overly eager to succeed and rush the process, creating more problems. Gregory Shepard recognized these problems, and rather than stand by and watch  one potential empire crumble down after the other, he decided to use his expertise to guide the next wave of entrepreneurs towards success.

Greg is a serial entrepreneur and startup veteran with more than twenty-five years of experience in the field. He has 14 liquidity events under his belt in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech, and MarTech industries with two of them part of a $925 million sale that won four PE awards for transactions between $250 million to $1 billion. Greg’s resume includes being a Forbes book author and contributor, having been featured in several media outlets like Fortune, Entrepreneur, The New York Observer, The DEAL, and Thrive Global.

Apart from imparting his knowledge in writing, Greg is also a TEDx and keynote speaker for universities, associations, and conferences worldwide. Additionally, he is the host of a Forbes radio show and has featured as a guest in over 25 popular podcasts and network TV and radio shows.

Despite the success he accumulated over the years, Greg Shepard remains a humble figure eager to help others out of their career struggles. As a solution, he founded BOSS (Business Operating Support System), a methodology to empower entrepreneurs while increasing startup rate. Greg would later create the BOSS Startup Science Academy.

Recently, Greg authored Silver Master, a research paper that sheds light on what startup companies in the world are doing wrong and the factors that lead to a 90% failure rate. Through BOSS Startup Science, he has been proving how entrepreneurs can avoid pitfalls that lead to failure and what the startup lifecycle looks like.

Silver Master takes empirical statistics collected from over 1,200 interviews conducted across five years to showcase the biggest issues, mistakes which apply to the collective consensus of most start-up companies within their first two years of business. Diving into granular strategy about universal alignment across all management teams as described by the “North Star,” to focusing on specific SWOT Analysis that startups should focus on, Silver Master provides a compass that if followed will allow new companies flourish by Greg’s years of experience and research.

While other C-suite executives were fortunate enough to grow up with a taste of the life, Greg took a non-traditional path to the success he amassed. Having grown up without much, he was able to see how people from different walks of life approached their financial freedom. Eager to uplift others, Greg takes the time to share everything he knows that could help their situation.

“I am motivated by the concept of being able to change income and wealth inequality through entrepreneurship and poor people that are living check to check into a different category of wealth,” explained the startup veteran.

Gregory Shepard hopes to continue his work in the years to come, guiding others to a better path towards success in their startup and entrepreneurial endeavors.Learn more about Gregory Shepard and BOSS Startup Science by visiting his official website.

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