June 19, 2024
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Boxie Lockers Inspires Efficient Delivery for Restaurants

The most significant change in the food and hospitality industry so far is the ability of even the smallest sized restaurants to deliver to even the most remove localities. From your neighborhood sandwich shop to your favorite special-occasion location, doorstep delivery in itself is a marketing strategy which has almost succeeded in phasing out the era of drive-in and dine-in. Indeed, approximately 50 million Americans purchase delivery meals, and internet restaurant orders were up 20% year over year even before the outbreak. However, with these impressive statistics, only consumers have it easy, especially thanks to services like UberEats and DoorDash. Restaurants continue to find it difficult to organize their services. A problem Leemay Sanchez and his team of co-founders have decided to solve one and for all with Boxie.

Boxie Lockers is a software and hardware company that helps restaurants manage their food delivery processes more effectively than ever before. It includes automatic order management, real-time tracking, and a delivery channel. Restaurants can utilize Boxie’s smart lockers to manage online orders and delivery services while maintaining their current workflow.

Boxie was founded by a team of three people: Leemay Sanchez, who currently serves as the company’s CEO and oversees day-to-day operations; systems engineer Daniel Galano, who has had an interest in embedded systems since he was a child; and Arian Acosta, who heads the startup’s cloud architecture and came up with the idea for Boxie.

According to Sanchez, Boxie was created to address the key operational issues that restaurants are experiencing. Following a series of interviews and discussions with key leaders in the sector, “The worst issue we identified is that it requires so much staff to quarterback the order surge, and with rising costs for staff, this is something that restaurants have to fix,” he shared.

While Boxie has rivals, its modular smart lockers are quick and easy to set up. Restaurants can buy more as their business grows. According to Sanchez, the average requirement is six units. The Wi-Fi-connected smart lockers communicate with one another and with the kitchen, sharing information such as whether a certain food item has been sitting for too long, as well as business KPIs.

At least a half-dozen places currently use Boxie Smart Lockers, and the smart lockers will satisfy around 260 pre-orders in about two months as part of its strategy to expand sales. Boxie is also close to finalizing agreements with two well-known restaurant chains as part of its market development. The startup makes money through product sales and monthly subscriptions, with each smart locker selling for $595 each and a $12 monthly fee per unit to ensure integration with any third-party delivery service and point-of-sale software. Sanchez shared

Boxie is making a mark at the big National Restaurant Association Convention in Chicago this month as part of the trade show’s Startup Alley. So far, the company has been self-funded, but Sanchez plans to raise funds in August. Boxie has a showroom in South Florida at General Hotel & Restaurant Supply, 13900 NW 82nd Ave. in Hialeah.

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