July 17, 2024
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Brad Oana: Revolutionizing Luxury Residential Appliances

Brad Oana: Revolutionizing Luxury Residential Appliances
Photo Courtesy: Brad Oana

By: Maria Williams

In the dynamic world of home improvement, Brad Oana stands out as a distinguished figure. With a solid background spanning over 15 years in the industry, Brad has specialized in mid to high-end residential appliances, including prestigious brands like Subzero, Wolf, Thermador, and Miele. His journey from a hardworking laborer to a respected luxury appliance consultant epitomizes a profound evolution driven by a passion for excellence and an innate ability to solve problems for homeowners, designers, and builders alike.

Brad’s inspiration to enter the residential appliance sector arose from observing the overwhelming challenges customers face when selecting appliances. Questions about budgeting, choosing the right products, and securing the rebates were common. This observation sparked a desire in Brad to simplify the process, making it streamlined and customer-centric. His approach involves staying in contact with clients throughout their decision-making journey and well beyond, cultivating relationships that last a lifetime.

The path has not been without its hurdles, particularly with the rise of COVID-19, which brought unprecedented challenges like extended lead times for product deliveries. A recent testament to Brad’s commitment occurred when a client urgently needed to replace a faulty Viking fridge with a new Subzero model. Despite the complexities of maneuvering an 800-pound appliance through a home with marble steps and a spiral staircase, Brad and his team managed to allocate, deliver, and install the unit—all within a number of  days.

Brad Oana: Revolutionizing Luxury Residential Appliances
Photo Courtesy: Brad Oana

What sets Brad apart in the appliance industry is not just his technical expertise but his personal dedication. He listens attentively, executes plans efficiently, and ensures follow-up support extends for a lifetime. His care for his clients’ needs transforms standard transactions into rewarding experiences.

Brad’s career features numerous accolades, having completed over 2,254 projects and served 2,512 customers, with dozens more projects in the pipeline. His remarkable journey began in Hawaii, where he first gained hands-on experience in building residential homes. This foundation laid the groundwork for his later specialization in luxury appliances, blending technical skills with a flair for aesthetic functionality.

Looking ahead, Brad envisions his brand expanding its reach across the real estate of California, from San Diego to Los Angeles and beyond. He aims to collaborate with multiple luxury builders and designers, enhancing kitchens with both style and substance. His aspirations are not only to grow his business but also to deepen the valuable connections he forms with every project.

For Brad, the essence of his work is rooted in family values, problem-solving, and building enduring relationships. These principles are central to his vision of not just selling appliances but also providing a comprehensive consultancy service that adds significant value to every aspect of kitchen and bath design.

Brad Oana: Revolutionizing Luxury Residential Appliances
Photo Courtesy: Brad Oana

In a world where the personal touch often takes a backseat to commercial interests, Brad Oana redefines the experience of choosing luxury residential appliances, ensuring that every interaction is as fulfilling as the final result. His story is not just about selling appliances; it’s about creating spaces that families love and cherish—a testament to the power of listening, caring, and delivering on promises made. To learn more about Brad’s journey and services around LA and the greater area, visit his website.


Published By: Aize Perez

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