June 12, 2024
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Bri 333 on Crossing Genres and Carving a Path Toward the Music Scene as an Independent Artist

Despite the growing accessibility of the music scene and the availability of tools and digital-based platforms designed to help aspirants translate their visions into reality, it remains true that finding success is immensely difficult, especially for independent artists. Without industry giants backing them up, it could prove challenging to gain a solid foothold in a space that has long since favored those with resources and connections. So, it makes it all the more impressive when independent musicians like Bri 333 manage to reach great heights and secure a coveted spot in the limelight.

A singer and songwriter currently carving a path toward the limelight, this multifaceted figure grew up in a family deeply fascinated with music. Her mother was known to place headphones on her belly and play classical music when she was carrying Bri 333, so it isn’t surprising why the Illinois-based talent has loved the craft since she was young.

From attending operas and orchestras to taking on roles in plays, Bri 333 has had several opportunities over the years to expand her skill set and maximize her potential. With the support of her parents, who even enrolled her in piano school after she expressed a desire to learn how to make the music she heard in ballet class, she was able to explore her interests and try her hand not only at playing instruments but also at covering and recording original songs. 

In the years since she first put pen to paper and created original compositions, she’s written numerous songs, none of which she deemed suitable for release. Finally, 2019 came and along with it were hard-hitting experiences that gave Bri 333 the material she needed. Although that particular year was relatively difficult, it served as the catalyst and prompted her to enter the music industry. 

Bri 333 exploded into the scene with the release of the 2019 singles “ICU In Me” and “Beautiful End,” a song about the struggles that come hand in hand with loving a woman and a man all at once. Following the warm reception of her first few drops, the singer-songwriter introduced her brand of artistry to more listeners and dropped “Under Pressure” and “No. 9.” 

Throughout her career, Bri 333 has impressed industry peers and listeners alike with her distinctive discography and the richness of her sound, the last of which she attributes to her South African and Italian roots. Additionally, she’s captured the interest of many for her love of all types of music and tendency to never stick to one genre. 

With big plans for the future, Bri 333 hopes to prove that independent artists can emerge as power players in an industry whose household names are under the wing of major record labels. Moreover, she aims to show her love for R&B, Afropop, dance, hard and classic rock, blues and classical music in new ways. 

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