June 19, 2024
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Brodie Kern Leverages His Painful Past To Emerge As The #1 Performance Coach For Young Men In Business

Success and entrepreneurship do not happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, skills, knowledge, and a healthy mindset for one to achieve great heights. Brodie Kern believes that business success is merely an extension of a sound mind, body, and spirit. As the founder and CEO of Wake Up Wealthy, the leading performance coaching program for young men in business, Brodie helps businessmen become the best possible version of themselves.

Brodie Kern is the epitome of his company. He practices what he preaches to his clients. As an entrepreneur himself, Brodie has ventured and succeeded in several industries. Over the years, he has built an empire and acquired a seven-figure income. But the path has not been smooth for the entrepreneur, facing many adversities such as abuse and drug addiction that almost took his life. Still, Brodie overcame his challenges and emerged to become the man he is today. Transforming into a better man was his make-or-break pivotal moment and it propelled him to a different league.

“I realized that if I could go from the humble beginning of poverty, abuse, and addiction and elevate myself into a seven-figure entrepreneur, then I had it inside me to teach other men how to do the same thing,” said Brodie Kern. “Men need to learn how to transform their mindset, mental health, personal health, and business health. It’s not only about money. Men need to know how to master every area of life so they can lead themselves, their families, and their communities,” he added.

With his experiences, Brodie Kern finds it his mission to help young men like himself master both their personal life and business. The principles he imparts today to his clients are the very ideologies that saved his life in the past—discipline, self-love, and self-mastery. Overcoming drug addiction and breaking free from his troubled past took a toll on his mental health. Brodie understands how taxing it is for someone to change. He is what the market needs: “someone who lives in absolute congruence with what they teach and sell.”

Wake Up Wealthy is the only company dedicated to helping men in business master their inner-world and mindset to improve their business tactics and systemizations. Brodie Kern believes that teaching high-level business systemizations to someone who is overwhelmed, physically unhealthy, and anxious about life is “like trying to build a skyscraper on a flimsy foundation that will crumble when things go wrong.” Brodie does not take shortcuts. Instead, he builds the foundation from the ground up.

Brodie Kern empowers his clients and optimizes their mind, body, and spirit. When those aspects are fulfilled, the expert helps them maximize their potential by utilizing business systemizations to scale their business, increase revenue, and change others’ lives as well. By primarily focusing on building an unshakeable foundation, his clients can reset their mindset, habits, health, and spiritual connection. Brodie’s method of coaching has changed lives and increased the ROI of over 200 businessmen who have gone through the program.

Brodie Kern currently lives with his wife and son in Austin, Texas. Learn more about the transformational performance coach on his website.

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