May 22, 2024
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Bspk Design: Shaping Homes, Crafting Experiences, Defying Norms

Bspk Design
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In the lively heart of Venice, California, a design studio is quietly making its mark. Meet Bspk Design: a renowned residential design firm that goes beyond conventional space creation, through embracing uniqueness and ingenuity, resonating across the globe.

Founded by Chris Faulhammer and Roman Reiterer, Bspk Design challenges the conventional concept of a design firm. Having built a reputation over the past three decades for crafting exquisitely crafted homes, this studio extends beyond just creating structures; it curates living experiences all over the world.

Though Chris and Roman traveled different paths in this creative sphere, they share a common vision of putting the client first. Roman’s journey was spurred by his parents’ therapeutic vocation and a fascination with the intense energy of Los Angeles. This experience led him to enter the field of interior design, culminating in the establishment of RRID in 2003. Here, he met Chris, who brought to RRID a wealth of experience from leading Los Angeles firms like Frank Gehry Partners and Lorcan O’Herlihy. In 2018, their trajectories again intertwined, leading to the present-day iteration of the company, Bspk Design.

As a firm, Bspk Design believes that a home should be more than bricks and mortar, becoming a meaningful expression of the client’s values and aspirations. Their design process is meticulously choreographed with trust, candid communication, and transparency. In this environment, the client’s narrative becomes the blueprint, and every corner reflects their personality.

Bspk Design
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A glance through their extensive portfolio reveals an array of projects, each uniquely tailored to its clients—however, Bspk Design’s distinctive quality lies in its ability to surpass fads. While social media’s shifting trends and fleeting styles dictate design direction, they remain committed to crafting timeless designs. Throughout their collaboration, Chris and Roman strive to cultivate a legacy that will mature gracefully over time.

The company’s influence defies geographical boundaries. A fact worth noting is that all of their team members originate from somewhere other than California. In Chris and Romans’ eyes, California embodies unfettered freedom, an ecosystem fostering unrestricted creativity. The duo wishes to convey this sense of liberation to clients worldwide. Their mission isn’t just design; it’s an ideology – freeing spaces from cultural constraints and empowering clients to be themselves.

Bspk Design
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The “Block Home” in Guyana, South America, exemplifies this vision in action. Designed at the request of an international couple, this project was intended to break conventional norms. What emerged was a seamless fusion of cultures and landscapes. Initially sparked by tropical influences, the design evolved into a minimalist marvel, deftly balancing privacy with openness. With floor-to-ceiling glass sliders, the boundary between indoors and outdoors was eliminated, creating a living experience that is both distinctive and appealing.

While Bspk Design continues to expand globally, its core principle remains: embracing California’s spirit, where innovation thrives through authenticity and uniqueness. In the future, Roman, Chris, and the team at Bspk Design intend to continue reshaping our understanding of living spaces, making them more than just structures but vibrant expressions of self.

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