June 23, 2024
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California Youth Music Competition Returns in 2024

California Youth Music Competition Returns in 2024
Photo Courtesy: California Youth Music Competition

The vibrant city of Los Angeles, renowned for its rich musical heritage, is set to host the highly anticipated 2024 California Youth Music Competition. Scheduled for September 28, 2024, this event will take place at the illustrious Joyce J. Cammilleri Hall at the University of Southern California.

This year’s competition is poised to be a spectacular showcase of young musical talent, featuring participants in both violin and piano categories. The competition is divided into three age groups: Group 1A and 1B (ages 4-6), Group 2A and 2B (ages 7-9), and Group 3A and 3B (ages 10+). Each contestant will perform within specific time limits, demonstrating their skill and dedication.

The event will be held from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, providing a full day of inspiring performances. Notably, pieces falling under the genres of jazz, pop, and improvisation are prohibited, ensuring a focus on classical music. Contestants are encouraged to perform their pieces by memory, although reading music is allowed if preferred.

The top three performers in each group will be awarded a trophy and a certificate, along with a certificate of appreciation for their teachers. All other participants will receive a participation trophy and certificate, recognizing their efforts and commitment.

Peiwen Su, an acclaimed young violinist, will serve as the Artistic Director for this event. She was selected by the competition’s founder, Ellie Welker, in June 2023, and has since played a pivotal role in organizing and preparing for the competition. Su aims to create a lasting impact by establishing a forward-thinking musical event that attracts industry attention and provides a platform for young musicians to showcase their talents and gain recognition.

California Youth Music Competition Returns in 2024
Photo Courtesy: California Youth Music Competition / @peiwensu_

“Los Angeles offers a myriad of musical activities, but there are relatively few opportunities for children to compete in music competitions,” said Peiwen Su. “I am honored to be invited as the director for 2024, providing these young musicians with an excellent stage to showcase their talents and receive the recognition they deserve.”

The competition promises to be a rigorous and rewarding experience, with each contestant benefiting from the preparation process and the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and judges. Ariel Liu, the head of the judging panel and an outreach director, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming event, reflecting on the high level of professionalism and the outstanding performances of the young musicians in the previous competition.

The 2024 California Youth Music Competition aims to expand its scope and influence, introducing more music categories and enhancing the levels of awards. It will also feature more international judges and professional musicians, bringing global perspectives and diverse cultural exchanges to the event. Additionally, the competition plans to strengthen its collaboration with music education institutions, offering more educational resources and workshops to help young musicians improve their skills and artistic expression.

California Youth Music Competition Returns in 2024
Photo Courtesy: California Youth Music Competition / @peiwensu_ / @ellie.welker

As the competition continues to evolve and grow, it is set to become one of the most significant musical events on the West Coast, showcasing the talents and dedication of young musicians and reflecting the community’s support and emphasis on music education. The platform will provide future musicians with more opportunities to challenge themselves, achieve their artistic dreams, and shine on the international stage.

For more information and to stay updated on registration details, visit www.cymcmusiccomp.com or contact the organizers at californiayouthmusiccomp@gmail.com.


Published By: Aize Perez

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