July 22, 2024
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Celebrating Ukrainian-American Success: Mykola Bahlaievskyi and the Transformative Impact of TOP USA Awards in the US business landscape

Celebrating Ukrainian-American Success: Mykola Bahlaievskyi and the Transformative Impact of TOP USA Awards in the US business landscape
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New York City represents, among other things, the best of the United States: a country with plenty of possibilities for foreigners to develop themselves and their projects. The top USA awards are a great example of the country’s initiatives of hosting international events and supporting business and progress. In this year’s edition, TOP USA awarded many Ukrainian-American entrepreneurs and businesspeople to honor their personal efforts as well as their culture and origins. Today we present another one of The Top USA heroes: Mykola Bahlaievskyi.

What is the top USA project and why it is so special

The project was created by Taras Lavrovsky and Diana Getun, a great duo with visionary ideas. After holding a couple of these events in Ukraine, they decided to take them to the Big Apple and that is how Top USA made its debut in New York this July. Top USA was born from a successful enterprise called TOP.UA and its main principle is to celebrate inspiring personalities that have made a change in their respective industries. Now, TOP USA honors the work and dedication of Ukrainians based in America. 

However, Top USA is not only about awards. They presented a special book that gathers 100 success stories of Ukrainian-American businesspeople. In other words, this is a representation of this culture’s creativeness, dedication, and relentlessness. Thus, the TOP USA project serves as an inspiration not only for other Ukrainians but also for immigrants coming from every corner of the world.

Celebrating Ukrainian-American Success: Mykola Bahlaievskyi and the Transformative Impact of TOP USA Awards in the US business landscape
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The event was sponsored by the VOVK Foundation, an institution dedicated to supporting Ukrainians in the challenge of surviving one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time. They focus on education providing innovative ideas and helping to develop entrepreneurship. Moreover, they rebuild infrastructure in the scientific, industrial, and educational fields.

Honoring two of Ukraine’s patriarchs, Fedir Vovk and Andrew Vovk, this entity is fully committed to peace and cooperation. The VOVK Foundation provides an array of opportunities for professionals, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and students so that they can continue to develop their work even under the deplorable circumstances that Ukraine is facing. Moreover, they address the huge amount of material losses in fields like education and science and also within the industrial sectors. All of this is encompassed in a carefully built structure that amplifies and fosters Ukrainian culture and a sense of nationalism. 

Prime Sale’s journey to success hand in hand with Mykola Bahlaievskyi

From the very moment he stepped foot in the US, Mykola knew that he wanted to work with vehicles and the reason was simple: this was his passion. A friend of his advised that the first thing any foreigner should do when settling in a new country is what they love.  

Thus, as soon as he came to America he established his company, Prime Sales. He did all the research he needed to do, found a physical place, and got the required licenses. Now the company is five years old and has several branches in California and other states. 

The path was not without difficulties. At first, the language barrier presented a challenge as Mykola had to study and take exams in a foreign language. Secondly, he didn’t know how things worked and wasn’t familiar with the local market. He had to figure out important business aspects like accounting, legislation, and audits. 

However, although these five years weren’t easy, Mykola was able to navigate the challenging ocean of being a foreigner trying to make his way to a new land. 

Mykola Bahlaievskyi is awarded for his contribution to the local business scenery 

Mykola Bahlaievskyi was one of the entrepreneurs awarded during this year’s edition of Top USA. His company offers a unique service that helps people buy their cars through financing. With a fine selection of used vehicles, they offer the best brands and reliable units so that customers can enjoy top quality. 

Buying a used car is not easy because people want to get the best for their money. This is why Prime Sales has put together a solid sales team that is always ready to answer clients’ questions and offer the best advice. Another advantage of this company is that they track the vehicle history and keep a report. 

For those who are struggling to get financing, Prime Sales offers a great solution helping people rebuild their credit history while providing a reliable, newer car. 

This year, Mykola Bahlaievskyi was awarded at TOP USA and thus recognized for his hard work and contribution to the American business sector.

Mykola is proud of what he has achieved, as he is of the Ukrainian community. Considering the current circumstances, he admires the strength of those who are able to open a path for themselves in a foreign land. Mykola thinks that initiatives like TOP USA contribute to supporting the Ukrainian community through this hard time. From his point of view, it’s important that the community sticks together. At the event, all of America was able to see how Ukrainians support each other and how they develop and grow in the United States, also contributing to the local business sector. 

Nonetheless, he is even prouder of his family. According to Mykola, none of his success would be possible if it weren’t for his family, especially his wife. She is one of Mykola’s most important pillars in life as she supports him every step of the way. 

All in all, the TOP USA award promises an important boost in Mykola’s career and is likely to bring more visibility to Prime Sales, a company that will continue to help people buy their cars through financing.



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