July 17, 2024
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Adapting to Evolution: Insights on the Changing Landscape of the Entertainment Business

Changing Landscape of the Entertainment Business_3
Photo Courtesy: Anna Oris

By: CC Agency

In an era where unpredictability reigns, building a sustainable career in the entertainment industry requires more than just talent; it demands exceptional resilience and adaptability. Actress Anna Oris, a single mother and non US native, exemplifies this struggle and shared some insights on how she navigates the tumultuous landscape of show business while balancing personal responsibilities and the relentless pressure to stay financially afloat in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

The entertainment business, characterized more by its instability than its difficulty, requires a flexible and adaptable mindset. This industry does not follow a linear trajectory; rather, it is shaped by erratic highs and lows, influenced significantly by technological advancements like artificial intelligence that continue to redefine traditional roles and opportunities.

Navigating such uncertainty while maintaining financial stability and pursuing one’s passion highlights the importance of having an agent—often considered indispensable in securing significant roles and projects. “The process of finding a reliable agent involves networking, diligent research, attending events, and direct outreach,” expressed Anna. With agencies now embracing diversity more than ever before, barriers to entry are gradually diminishing. Yet, it’s crucial not to place all hopes on an agent’s capabilities. Actively seeking out opportunities independently can make a substantial difference.

For individuals without agents or those waiting for their breakthrough role, the key lies in proactivity—submitting oneself for projects daily, engaging with one’s network, and creating personal opportunities. Staying adaptable and persistent in the face of uncertainty, dedication, and proactive efforts will pave the way to success in the entertainment industry.

Given her unique position as a holder of an extraordinary talent work visa, she is restricted to working solely within her designated fields as an actress and model. This limitation fuels her motivation further because there’s simply no alternative pathway for her; “it’s either succeed or nothing; there is no alternative,” she shared.  Such circumstances have taught her invaluable lessons about determination and self-reliance in an industry that waits for no one.

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Photo Courtesy: Viktoriia Kosova

In light of recent global shifts towards digital auditions and castings post-pandemic, both positive transformations and challenges have emerged within the field. On one hand, geographical barriers have been dismantled—actors can now audition virtually from any corner of the globe for roles that were previously beyond reach due to logistical constraints. This democratization of opportunity signifies a monumental shift toward inclusivity within the industry.

Conversely, these changes have also introduced new stressors—increasing competition while simultaneously testing individuals’ emotional resilience. Not everyone can swiftly adapt to these shifts; some find themselves overwhelmed by self-doubt or struggle with the intensified competition these advancements bring forth.

This evolution within the domain is neither wholly positive nor negative but presents a complex amalgamation of both aspects. It opens up avenues previously unimagined while demanding greater psychological fortitude from those aspiring to make their mark.

Should one consider supplementing their income with another job? “The answer isn’t straightforward. While diversifying income streams may provide financial stability during short-term fluctuations inherent within this business, it might also detract from focusing fully on one’s acting or modeling career,” shared Anna. Thus, striking a balance becomes essential—prioritizing one’s main passion while remaining open to other opportunities that do not compromise long-term objectives.

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Photo Courtesy: Anna Oris

Navigating the entertainment world as a foreigner and single mother in such an unpredictable sector necessitates more than just hard work—it demands strategic planning, constant learning through experiences (both successes and failures), networking savvy combined with genuine relationship-building skills—and above all else—an indomitable spirit that refuses to give up despite adversities.

For fellow dreamers embarking upon this journey within the entertainment realm from afar, remember that amidst evolution lies opportunity—a chance not just for professional growth but personal transformation as well. Further insights from actress Anna Oris on this captivating yet challenging industry can be found be following her Instagram @annaoris_official

In conclusion (though we steer clear from stating so explicitly), thriving in today’s evolving entertainment landscape requires us to be ever-adaptable warriors armed with patience—the kind who embrace change as much as they challenge it—to carve out our own unique paths toward fulfillment and success in an industry forever marked by flux.

Changing Landscape of the Entertainment Business
Photo Courtesy: Anna Oris

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