May 29, 2024
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Cooli Highh Building a Solid Brand and Reputation in the Rap Scene

The road has not been easy for rapper and artist Cooli Highh. But after all that he has been through since the beginning, it seems nothing can slow him down in his pursuit for music greatness and success. The songwriter looks to solidify his place in the underground music scene and expand his borders by releasing more hard-hitting this 2021 and beyond. 

The artist currently resides in Atlanta but split time between San Diego, California, and Arkadelphia, Arizona, growing up. His childhood was unimaginably painful, having endured some of the most distressing circumstances. At the age of three, a gang of misfits kidnapped Cooli, burned him alive, and left him to die. Fortunately, he lived to tell the tale, but the physical and mental scars left a trauma that only healed after several years. Today, Cooli Highh has risen from the ashes, so to speak, and bounced back with a resolve to make the most of his second life. 

“I’ve had many obstacles that I’ve had to endure and overcome,” shares the artist. “Besides being told I’ll never walk, play a sport, work a job, and much more, my origin story has made me different. Today, Cooli has made a mark as the MC who emerged from the flames and how “spits fire,” and shows the world that he’s more than his scars.

Cooli Highh has worked with many talented and rising producers through the years to create an assemblage of high-performing tracks. He’s collaborated with Sauron, Batman, Sachy, AyoWithTheMayo, DeeB, Level, Urban Nerd, and many others. Through the years Cooli has released a slew of mixtape tracks that have gathered tens of thousands of streams online. Some of his songs include tracks like, “Piranha,” “Locomotive,” “Cold Soul,” “Flowers,” “For The Game,” “Big Face Hunnits,” “Arkansas Anthem M.M.M.,” “Worked So Hard,” and “Medicine,” to name a few. 

In July of 2020, Cooli released his latest mix entitled “8 HRS,” in collaboration with DJ V.I.P. who hosted for the track. The song has gathered over 3,000 listens and 300 downloads on DatPiff and continues to grow. Before that, the artist released “Road to Fame,” right before the COVID-19 pandemic exploded. All in all, Cooli has created a collection of tracks that continue to propagate on digital channels and help him build his music brand locally and globally.

The artist from Arkansas continues to dominate on digital channels as he continues to grow his influence online. On YouTube, Cooli Highh has collected over 36,000 subscribers and 19 million streams. He also currently has over 11,000 followers on Instagram and one track, “Og Kush- Remix,” with over 165,000 streams on Spotify.

Cooli Highh hopes to continue building his case as one of the best independent artists in the area while also using his music to motivate his audience to push through during tough times. “I want to break that mould and let people know that they can become things greater than anyone expected if they fight hard enough for it,” shares Cooli Highh. “We choose to be great. We are not our past, so I hope my music makes people realize this.”Cooli hopes to become one of the top ten greatest artists and Arkansas and continues to work relentlessly to make that dream a reality. To follow Cooli Highh’s music and life, check him out on DatPiff, Spotify, and Instagram.

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