May 28, 2024
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Corporate-Executive-Turned-Actor Kadeem Brown Aims to Inspire Others to Follow Their Passion

Regardless of what field they are in, artists always fall into society’s prejudice that the path of being a full-time creative will not give them enough financial security. Kadeem Brown knows this all too well. Despite finding his passion in acting, Kadeem found it necessary to look for a “plan b” in corporate America. Still, his heart led him back to the craft that genuinely brings him purpose.

Kadeem Brown was born in Newburgh, New York. The 29-year-old actor has starred in various movie scenes and is currently striving to strengthen his brand across social media platforms. Kadeem discovered that he had a knack and passion for acting at 12 years old when he became part of his first school play. “Acting has always shown up in my life whether through a drama class at 15 or a support lead role at 18 called ‘Will Rogers Follies,'” shared the actor.

But his passion for acting did not prevent Kadeem Brown from pursuing a back-up plan. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in business, something he prides himself on to this day. Even when Kadeem achieved what he thought would secure his life, he still felt something was missing. He helped a couple of businesses achieve their goals, exposing him to new experiences in the corporate world. But the actor felt that there is another profession that deserves his time and energy.

“I am happy knowing that I did not waste my entire life building someone else’s dream and starving my own. I will not spend the rest of my life living in a reality that is not my own. The only regret I want is that I didn’t do it sooner,” said Kadeem Brown. 

Today, he impresses producers, directors, and audiences with his ability to make a character his own. Kadeem Brown meticulously studies facial expression and how a character deserves to be portrayed. The actor shared how facial expression takes great importance in a scene and should draw the audience closer to the story without ever needing dialogues. 

Additionally, Kadeem Brown stands out from the rest with his immense dedication to acting. “Often, people are talented but do not have the hunger or will to sacrifice to get to where they want. I am willing to sacrifice my time and money to get to where I need to get to,” said Kadeem. Furthermore, the actor is well-aware of his weaknesses, acknowledges them, and does his best to address each one. “The things that I can’t do are the very things that I want to do,” he added.

In every scene, Kadeem Brown becomes the character he is portraying and makes them as real as possible. Acting is not something the actor takes lightly as a hobby. For him, it is a skill and a job in and of itself.

Asked where he envisions his acting career would be in five years, Kadeem Brown shared that he sees himself as an influential entertainer. He aims to work alongside some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names, including Denzel Washington, Jay-Z, and Tyler Perry. “I see myself stretching my craft more and being a driving force in the movie industry. I see myself developing great partnerships through my craft as well,” he said. 

Kadeem Brown is truly an inspiration for anyone who wants to turn their lives around, despite having a stable career somewhere else. Without a doubt, this actor will indeed make his mark in the industry. Learn more and connect with Kadeem on his Instagram.

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