July 22, 2024
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Creativist Rene Urbanovich Bringing Out People’s Innate Creativity

There’s a consistent preconception that comes with the word “creativity.” Even though there exists a scientific basis that deems a person creative or not, there is still a rising school of thought that believes everyone has the chance to become creative. One of the strong advocates of this is Rene Urbanovich. She desires to bring out or hone people’s innate creativity through her lessons and findings, even if they don’t think it’s there.

Rene Urbanovich has been in the business of helping people learn a tried-and-true approach to becoming creative for a long time. Aside from her books, she teaches courses that help improve participants’ creative and innovative thinking. As a result, the teaching has created a community of people who support the Creativist™’s Worldview.”  That group now consists of people who imbue deep meaning and purpose in their daily lives by recognizing moments that embody the phenomenon of Creativity.

Rene has been studying creative inquiry  for a long time. Her pursuit led her to coin the term “Creativist™,” referring to someone with a “vast understanding of and dedication to human creativity for the benefit of the collective.” Rene has been teaching voice and human creativity for thirty-nine years. Her work has been pivotal in helping the current culture tap into the transformative power found in the force of creativity. The main Creativist™ maintains that pursuit should serve the individual and society. Rene believes that by doing so, people will become a unified species rather than a competitive one. 

The educator is one of the top creativity instructors in the Los Angeles area, having worked with singers from television, film, and Broadway. She is a poet and award-winning author who also teaches Humanities through the Arts. Rene has spoken and given workshops at SAG and AFTRA, Art Center College of Design, Osborne Head and Neck at Pepperdine, and many other places. She wrote her book, “The Creativity Conundrum: What Happens When Individual Creativity Has Run Amok,” after earning a bachelor’s degree in Creativity and a master’s degree in Humanities. This book addresses the current cultural quandary around people’s failure to understand the reason behind the Creative drive, which according to Rene, has serious ramifications. 

Her approach to education sets Rene apart from most people in this industry. While most teachers or writers help people unlock your creativity, Rene does this while emphasizing the importance of understanding the “why” behind being creative. Rene’s decision to pursue expertise in this arena became more apparent after a vocal injury rendered her voiceless. As she went on to heal and become one of the first to earn a degree in the emerging field of  creativity, she sought and found answers that would solve her dilemma as well as contribute to the collective’s search for meaning.

Rene continues to expand her reach, making her books and training programs available to many people of all ages and life stages. Recently, Rene shared her passions on the Tedx stage, “Creativity is Like Breathing.” She feels summoned to get people to share her worldview, emphasizing that creativity isn’t only in the arts. It’s also in practices like problem-solving, caring for others, cooking, gardening, and policymaking, among many others. “The power of creativity is available to all of us,” Rene stated in an interview,  “It often lies dormant in some, while it runs amok in others. Creativity aims to hold everything together, to bring us all together.”

Rene hopes her book will help more understand why people are naturally creative.

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