June 21, 2024
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Creature Feature Productions is Going Strong after 13 Years by the hand of Al Omega

Conventions and indie films productions can be an extremely challenging venture. However, there are experts who have been doing it for many years, bringing projects to life and closer to audiences. Creature Feature Productions is going strong after 13 years in the industry by the hand of Al Omega.

“Creature Feature Productions has been very involved in the local convention circuit and indie film scene,” says James Currie aka Al Omega, “working on movies like The House of Temptation and Blood, Skulls, and Chrome.” Currie became Al Omega in 2009 after his associate, Creepy Dave, decided to bow out. After 13 years, he has done over 600 shows and produced several film projects.

Creature Features Productions’ beginning

In 1971, Bob Wilkins hosted a show for the Bay Area that showed on KVTU, Channel 2, and KCRA, channel 3. It became extremely popular. A few decades after being on the air, Tom Wrysch asked James Currie and his associate to bring the show back to life to promote his retrospective on Bob Wilkins.

Creature Feature began in 2008 and Al Omega became its host in 2009. This show brings the looks and feels of the original by working with and showcasing different individuals, including Tom Wrysch, John Stanley, and Rob Wilkins — son of the original host. With his work, Al Omega was able to bring the show back to Network Television and several broadcast stations such as VCAT in Vallejo, BCM in Berkeley, and CT29 in Eugene, Oregon. He was also able to make deals with a number of ROKU stations like OtherWorldsTV, ASYTV, Ultra Toxic Television, Butcher Media, and his own channel The Original Creature Features.

Al Omega’s legacy

For 13 years, Al Omega has been a recognized name in the conventions circuity and indie films industry. He has helped bring to life several projects that showcase the kind of work he has done throughout his career and the kind of show audiences can expect from Creature Feature.

James Currie took his hosting persona and transformed it into a legacy that will be appreciated for years through every project he added his name to. Al Omega will live on through films and productions for years to come.

Bringing back shows that used to be loved by many can be a challenging task. However, this host proves it is possible to succeed with Creature Feature Productions going strong after 13 years by the hand of Al Omega.

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