June 22, 2024
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Cris Cawley Helping High Achievers Get their Stories out through Publishing a Best Selling Book

Everyone deserves to tell their stories and get access to the right platforms to do that. Telling stories has existed for centuries, and in today’s world, those stories can be made accessible to more people to educate, inspire, and motivate them to never settle for less. Cris Cawley has built a career out of helping people publish their stories and has taken it a step further by helping entrepreneurs achieve success using the right strategies, mindset and methods.

Cris is the founder and CEO of Game Changer Publishing, and for the last two decades, she has impacted over 155,000 entrepreneurs through her book publishing, coaching and mastermind programs. As an award-winning coach and serial entrepreneur, she helps her clients leverage their expertise and passion into profits. She offers high-ticket programs, book publishing and marketing services, which have given many entrepreneurs worldwide coverage and reach for significant  global impact and influence.

Cris Cawley has been featured on many stages alongside some of the most sought-after speakers and thought leaders in the world. Her biggest motivator is her passion for helping entrepreneurs make a positive impact on the world and “figure out” and profit from publishing a best-selling book to grow their business. She also draws inspiration daily from her family.  She strives daily to be a positive example to her teen daughters and show them the unlimited possibilities available to them as entrepreneurs, while setting them firmly on their own paths to massive success.

Through her well known brand, Cris Cawley engages with entrepreneurs looking to publish a best-selling book, and guarantees to make it happen within 90 days or less for more impact, income, and influence. Her ultimate goal is to see entrepreneurs across the globe publish bestselling books that shed more light on their business and backend high-ticket offers, so they can scale their businesses quickly.

“Books are perfect tools for entrepreneurs to let the world know their story, their journey and what they offer to their audience moving forward. It’s the most effective tool to make prospects take action, so why not do it the right way?  “We help clients get their books out  into the world and into the hands of people who need them,” Cris explained.

Personally, she hopes to see her clients enjoy the luxury, location independence and time freedom she enjoys. “I’ve built multiple incredible businesses over the years, and my favorite part is that I am able to enjoy the location independence and time freedom that being an entrepreneur offers. I’ve taught thousands of others along the way, and serving other successful entrepreneurs at the highest level is what I love and what keeps me in the game,” Cawley said.

Cris Cawley’s goal is to scale her company into a $100 million business. She also has a global mission of helping 500,000 driven entrepreneurs and authors to gain more influence, deliver more impact, and scale their income over the next five years.

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