June 23, 2024
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David Isserman Is A Knight of Industry and Innovation

David Isserman Is A Knight of Industry and Innovation (3)
Photo Courtesy: David Isserman

By: Julia Martinez

In the bustling entrepreneurial landscape of Los Angeles, where innovation meets opportunity, business leaders like David Isserman stand out for their unique blend of success, innovation, and commitment to giving back. Known for his transformative role at Touchstone Essentials and his recognition by the Duke of Braganza in Portugal, Isserman’s story is not just one of business acumen but of a profound dedication to impactful leadership.

David Isserman embarked on his business journey after earning an MBA from Columbia Business School, quickly making his mark in the competitive world of health and wellness. His strategic vision and leadership skills led him to launch several successful ventures, each showcasing his ability to innovate and scale businesses effectively. His most notable role came as the Chief Operating Officer at Touchstone Essentials, where his leadership was transformative.

Under Isserman’s stewardship, Touchstone Essentials grew from a modest startup into a global powerhouse, serving over 600,000 customers across 50 countries. His approach was rooted in an unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction, which he balanced with smart marketing and operational efficiency. The success story of Touchstone Essentials under his guidance is a testament to Isserman’s skill at navigating the complexities of global markets and consumer needs.

However, David’s achievements are not confined to the boardroom. His contributions to society and commendable charitable efforts led to a prestigious honor rarely bestowed upon business leaders: a knighthood from the Duke of Braganza. This accolade was in recognition of his philanthropic work, particularly with Rareshare.org, a platform he founded to connect individuals suffering from rare diseases with each other and with necessary resources. This initiative reflects his belief that true business leadership involves making a significant positive impact on society.

Today, David Isserman is the driving force behind Isserman Ventures, a venture group dedicated to advising and supporting businesses looking to navigate the ever-changing global marketplace. Through Isserman Ventures, David applies his extensive experience and strategic insight to help companies achieve sustainable growth and innovation. His mission is to empower other entrepreneurs and business leaders, sharing his knowledge and expertise to foster new opportunities in the business world.

For those in the Los Angeles business community and beyond who are seeking guidance or inspiration, David Isserman offers a wealth of knowledge. He is an active presence on LinkedIn, where he connects with professionals across industries, sharing insights and fostering discussions on business strategies, innovation, and leadership. His profile is not only a resource for networking but also a platform for mentorship and collaboration.

Furthermore, David extends an invitation to explore potential partnerships and growth strategies through his website, Isserman.com. Here, visitors can learn more about his ventures, his approach to business, and the opportunities he sees on the horizon for like-minded companies and entrepreneurs.

David Isserman Is A Knight of Industry and Innovation
Photo Courtesy: David Isserman

David Isserman’s blend of business success, ethical leadership, and philanthropic dedication sets him apart in the world of modern entrepreneurship. As Los Angeles continues to be a hub for innovation and business development, leaders like Isserman are pivotal in shaping its future—driving progress in the business sector while making a lasting impact on the wider world.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, or someone interested in the intersection of business and social impact, connecting with David Isserman offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s most respected figures. His journey is not just inspiring—it’s a roadmap for anyone looking to make a meaningful mark in the world of business.



Published by: Khy Talara

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