June 24, 2024
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Defying Musical Standards with Genius Artistry: Brettina on Fusing Jazz and Caribbean Tones

Music is a constantly evolving art form. However, there are many people who still have one style and who do not dare to innovate. With this, it’s no wonder why people would crave anything different than the norm, something that stands out from the rest. When people experience something new, it’s often termed as revolutionary. Something that is innovative and one of a kind should be celebrated. In the realm of music, Brettina is one such revolutionary individual.

Born in the capital city of Nassau in the Bahamas, Brettina is a rising musical artist known for creating a distinct style in the industry. She fuses traditional jazz and Caribbean tones and creates masterpieces that make listeners feel like they are being washed by waves. Combining two distinct styles loved by different generations, she brings together jazz purists and younger audiences who are usually drawn to contemporary music. She is an artist, and with her creative ideas, she caters to an audience from different generations.

Brettina is an excellent artist. Creating something through unconventional means and never fearing judgment for defying the norms, Brettina produces soulful music that really comes from her heart. She produces songs not according to what people want her to produce but according to what she wants to produce. She is a unique artist putting out a new type of music that’s never been heard before.

On Brettina’s long-awaited sophomore project, Brettina courageously explored classic jazz, world music, and Caribbean rhythms. Showing how beautiful art can be, Brettina proved that the existing norms and standards are irrelevant to artistry.

She collaborated with Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer G’harah Degeddingseze, co-writer/vocal producer Patricia Battani and World-renowned recording Engineer Al Schmitt. Through endless hard work and perfection of her artistry, Brettina was able to produce the catchy viral single “Simple Pleasures” and the uplifting single entitled “Bop Baiye.” Her released four-song EP entitled “New Day” also includes the sultry song “Low” and the declaration song “New Day.”

Turning the music industry upside down and successfully establishing her name in the industry, Brettina perseveres and continues making her way to the top to keep the legacy of her uncles alive. Brettina’s uncles make up the multitalented band T-Connection—the funk, RnB, and soul Group that was signed to the Capitol records and became the first Bahamian group to gain international and mainstream appeal. They inspire her to keep on striving for the top. 

Defying societal standards and thriving in her own style, Brettina continues to inspire other people to be genuinely true to themselves and thrive in their own paths. Learn more about Brettina on this website.

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