July 20, 2024
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Demi Lowrell, Taking on the Music World with Her Soulful and Mesmerizing Voice

Many times, all it takes is having a dream and the willingness to do everything possible to make that dream happen. Pursuing a music career is basically about pursuing a dream shrouded in uncertainty but doing it anyway. Demi Lowrell, picked up music at a very young age and stuck with it into her adult years. As she travels on that journey, she’s crafting an exciting story for herself as a person, artist, and budding star.

The 18-year-old singer, songwriter, and actress from Memphis, TN, revels in the power of her voice that draws and sucks her listeners in. Recognizing that as one of her superpowers, Demi Lo said: “Many people find my voice unbelievable because they never expect such a powerful voice from such a small frame.” Having such a voice and complete control over it is not surprising as Demi Lowrell started singing for audiences as a kid in the Memphis Children’s Choir. She also performed with Stax Music Academy and Visible Music College growing up.

During her professional music career, Demi Lowrell released her first single, “Moving On,” in 2019, after which she released her debut EP, Too Close for Comfort, across all music platforms. She has taken her career on a full ride by collaborating with notable musicians, one of which is Winston Steward, a former member of the Bar-Kays on his gospel album. Music and entertainment for Demi Lowrell come naturally as she is fueled by her drive to make people feel good and impact their lives positively and significantly. She recently released a single, “I’m Ready,” which has gotten her to #114 on the DRT indie artist charts nationally and internationally. The song has also garnered 16 thousand video streams, with Demi Lowrell herself going on a tour of cities all over the United States this Summer.

Outside music, Demi Lowrell has her hands dipped into other forms of entertainment, primarily movies and films. When she was eleven, she featured on Lifetime’s Mrs. T’s Music Factory, and since then, she has featured in other plays in her hometown, Memphis, such as “First Site” by Ruby O’Gray and “The Morning Train” by Ron Gephart. She also has a small feature film on YouTube that she filmed with her cousins on a family trip called “The Scary Vacation.”

Demi Lowrell is a big contributor to the community and is always on the lookout for the next project that allows her to give back to her community. She is a member of the Heal the Hood Foundation Wake Up Tour, a nonprofit organization that tours fifty schools with an audience of about 5,000 students a year.

Making music for a wide range of audiences is Demi’s real passion as she believes anyone can enjoy her music all over the world. For the next few years, her goal is to stay committed to building her career to the point where she can be considered for awards like The Oscars and Grammys. She also plans to go into movies full-fledged, producing and directing movies while enjoying life as a millionaire celebrity. While having parents dedicated to seeing her have a successful career helped her significantly, she believes the bulk of the work was with her willingness to make everyone’s efforts count. She hopes to be a source of inspiration to as many young people pursuing their dreams as possible. “Stay dedicated to your craft and never give up on your dreams no matter how long it may take,” she said. www.demilowrellmusic.com 

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