July 16, 2024
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Denise McManus Providing Expert Advice on Loan Application and Acquisition to Intending Home Owners Through Her Company, My Mortgage Expert

Over the last year, the effects of the global pandemic were cataclysmic, as many people lost their source of livelihood and many businesses were forced to shut down. To help people regain the normalcy of a post-pandemic phase, renew a mortgage, buy a home or improve the quality of business, proper funding is essential and what better way to access huge funds than through equity in one’s home? However, when applying for a mortgage , most people do not understand how to get their applications approved. To help these people, loan officer Denise McManus helps them secure new mortgages  by identifying strategic solutions and opportunities that get their application a nod of approval.

Born in Michigan, Denise McManus is a trailblazing entrepreneur and an exceptional loan officer. However, she is not your average loan officer as she strategically looks for the best solutions and opportunities for every individual client through her company, My Mortgage Expert. Unlike other mortgage  companies and loan officers, Denise understands that there is no cookie-cutter approach to mortgages . Instead, she provides each client with personal attention from loan application to closing and beyond together with her production team. 

Working through her team at My Mortgage Expert,  a mortgage company that handles loan products from credit scores down to 520 to jumbo loans of up to $3 million, Denise truly believes in individual solutions for lending while paying close attention to the set guidelines. In addition, she is a relationship builder and strives to provide the best in class customer service to her clients and her real estate agent partners.

“I’m here to make this process of buying or refinancing a home as easy and stress-free as possible,” she said. The company also does FHA, VA, conventional, USDA and alternative lending with bank statements.”

She understands that every family is unique, so no two financing scenarios are the same. By getting to know her clients and understanding their situations, Denise is an expert in advising her clients on which loan product to take advantage of and strategically put together the most beneficial plan for approval. “That is why at My Mortgage Expert, we put a little love in every loan we do,” she shared.

Before Denise ventured into the finance world, she spent a number of years living in major cities across the country  working in Television and the Entertainment Industry. Her outstanding performance and incredible work ethic were acknowledged. She won the prestigious Promax awards and Emmy Awards. As she switched into the finance world, these skills continue to serve her, helping her flourish in her new profession.

In the coming years, Denise McManus wants to expand her business operations into all 50 states of the United States and globally, building profitable relationships with clients and helping thousands of them acquire their dream homes or get their loan applications approved for various projects.

To learn more about Denise McManus and her company, My Expert Mortgage, visit Instagram or connect with her on Facebook.

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