May 30, 2024
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Diana Sorokova’s BALLERINA STRONG Technique Teaches Powerful Elegance

Making a path different from others is an inevitably challenging decision to make. Every step is a risk, every turn has obstacles that await, and the path toward success is a long journey to take. While some end up being disappointed, many risk-takers thrive and flourish through the process. This is how Ballerina Strong Technique, a new and unique training brand by Diana Sorokova, made it to the top amidst existing conventional programs.

Ballerina Strong is a training technique focused on strength and flexibility with an artistic feel to its methods. Through the integration of strength training and ballet, it allows women who are interested in creating a strong, feminine, and graceful body to achieve their body goals.  Ballerina Strong Technique combines both dance and fitness, providing clients customized workouts that they can enjoy and benefit from.

Founded by Diana Sorokova, a ballerina and a personal trainer with a specialization in Fitness Nutrition and Orthopedic Exercise, Ballerina Strong offers a top-notch fitness program made to cater to the interests of independently strong women. Starting from being a student in a local ballet and gymnastic school, the only high school student at her time who was offered a job with a Ballet Company, pursuing modern ballet during college, and working in a dance company based in Mexico, Diana slowly walked her way to success and became an expert in the field of fitness.

Throughout the process of discovering her own brand, Diana immersed herself in contemporary dance, classical ballet, strength training workout, yoga, and pilates. She danced in ballet shows, operas, dramas and furthered her studies in the field, paving the path for the establishment of her unique and effective fitness program. Coaching the art of movement and letting clients understand its impacts in one’s daily life, clients receive personalized coaching from Diana.

Letting cardio dance classes and regular weight lifting meet in the magic middle, Diana makes clients feel the fluid in the patterns of movement, explore their mobility, improve flexibility, build strength, connect their body and mind, and have fun working out. Clients develop their posture and learn how to be elegant and graceful in everything that they do. Despite being a dancer or not, Diana offers the program to all and helps clients transform their lives.

With Ballerina Strong Technique, Diana constantly walks towards success. Continuously building her already-established brand, refining her technique, having trainers all over the world get certified in Ballerina Strong Technique, she strives to get better day by day and develop her brand to the best it could be.  Diana also brings with her journey all the individuals who are also walking towards success. Coaching clients how to improve their lifestyle, she holds hands with them and ensures to help them be happier and healthier.

Diana’s Ballerina Strong offers a new Training System that people are yet to explore. Despite it being relatively new, it is a step ahead of the conventional fitness programs that the world has ever encountered. For a stronger and more graceful body, visit her website for more information.

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